How Do I Choose the Best Worcestershire Sauce Marinade?

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The best Worcestershire sauce marinade is one that fully compliments and accentuates the food being prepared. The flavor of this base ingredient is rich and full, with hints of beef and blended red wines. It can be used to bring out the flavor in any type of food, whether steak, chicken, or ribs. The additional ingredients used in the marinade recipe tend to set the tone for the final flavor, and should be chosen with care.

Worcestershire adds a somewhat smoky and meaty flavor to most dishes. When using this as a seasoning to add to red meat, it is often best to use this sauce as a marinade alone. An expensive cut of red meat, such as a porterhouse, T-bone, or tenderloin, is chosen based on the naturally tender nature of the meat and its rich flavors. This type of steak should not be marinated prior to grilling. Light flavor designed to enhance the superior qualities of the meat may be added by sprinkling the cuts with salt and pepper and several splashes of Worcestershire sauce.


A delicious barbecue Worcestershire sauce marinade should contain a tomato base, brown sugar, honey, and vinegar, in addition to its signature ingredient. The blending of these sweet and sour flavors yields a rich and thick sauce that is ideal for marinading and basting onto ribs during grilling. It can also be savored as a dipping sauce once the meat has been cooked. The depth of the flavor may be increased by adding garlic and liquid smoke to the sauce while it is being heated through. Hot sauce can also change the nature of the marinade by adding fire and tang to the food.

Many Asian inspired recipes may be made using a variation on a Worcestershire sauce marinade. This beefy flavored sauce can provide a rich base note flavor for hot soups, fried rice, and teriyaki. When blended with soy sauce, fish sauce, beef broth, and chili sauce, the result is often a deeply satisfying oriental marinade. It can be paired with fresh ginger and wasabi and served as a dipping sauce with egg rolls and sushi.

Chicken may also be soaked for several hours in a Worcestershire sauce marinade combined with lemon juice. The acidic content of the juice tends to slightly dull the bold and beefy flavor of the sauce, while maintaining its unique and excellent taste. When blended with garlic, fresh herbs, and balsamic vinegar, the glaze becomes light and tangy. It can also be used as a marinade for vegetables and fish.


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