How Do I Choose the Best Wooden Wardrobe?

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The first step in choosing the best wooden wardrobe is to measure the room in which the wardrobe will be placed to ensure it will fit properly. If you have not already chosen a model, this will give you an idea of what size wooden wardrobe to look for. Once you have determined your space limitations, you will need to consider the cost of the wardrobes you are considering, the materials used for construction, and other variables that will have an impact on the stability and appearance of the unit. Think about what your needs are for drawers, shelves, and hanging rods as well.

The different types of wood available for a wooden wardrobe can vary significantly in appearance, price, and durability, so you will need to do a bit of research about the different options. If, for example, you are concerned with strength and lower cost, you will probably want to look into a pine wardrobe. If you have a bigger budget and want something that is sturdy and highly attractive, you may want to look into teak, cedar, oak, or mahogany. These woods are quite strong, very attractive naturally, and in some cases, resistant to water damage and bug infestation. They will cost you more money, however, so you should be aware of common costs of such furniture.


Once you have settled on the type of wood you are looking for, think about the functionality of the wooden wardrobe. Some wardrobes are simple designs with doors that swing open to an empty space with a hanger rod run across it, while others may feature shelves, drawers, hanger rods, and other types of organizers. Think carefully about what features will be necessary to accommodate your needs on a daily basis, and be sure the wooden wardrobe you choose has at least some of these features.

The extremely budget-conscious purchaser may want to consider a wardrobe that is made from less expensive materials such as particle board or even some plastics that are designed to look like wood. These units tend to be extremely inexpensive as compared to solid wood units. They will, however, be far less stable and in most cases will have a shelf life after which they will no longer be useful. This option is best for someone in a temporary living situation, such as a dorm room or short-term apartment, or someone who needs storage that will not be accessed regularly.


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