How Do I Choose the Best Wooden Plant Stand?

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Finding a wooden plant stand that is right for your plant will depend primarily if you are going to use indoors or outdoors. The size of the plants you want to display is also important, as well as how stylish you want the stand to be. Wooden plant stands are available in a wide variety of woods to match many different decorating styles.

If you are going to put the plants outdoors, choosing a wooden plant stand make of teak wood is the most common choice and the most readily available. If teak is not your preference, finding a plant stand that has been treated to be waterproof is important for outdoor plant stands. Wood that has not been treated and waterproofed will warp when it gets wet.

The style and design of the planter is important for many homeowners, whether it will be used indoors or outdoors. Stands that are made to resemble shelves are common, especially A-frames. Many are tiered in a variety of other patterns and designs. These types of wooden plant stands are good for smaller plants, but bigger plants and pots should be placed on their own stands.

For indoor plants, a wooden plant stand can be almost any style or shape as long as it holds the plant or plants without the risk of breaking. Common styles include shelved, ladder, and antique stands. Many stands are single stands that resemble a small table, and these sometimes have shelves or drawers below the top.


Teak, oak, pine, mahogany, and cherry are the most common types of wood used for both indoors and outdoors. Nearly any wood that can be used to make a table can be used to make a wooden plant stand. Some more expensive models may also come with a marble or glass top.

Finding a wooden plant stand that suits your needs is not usually very difficult. Department stores, home improvement stores, floral shops, and larger plant nurseries all often carry basic models. If you do not mind paying more or want something very elegant, an antique shop or specialty furniture shop may be the best place to go. Many options are also available online as well, although shopping online does not allow you to see the item in person, and it is important to note size specifications.


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