How Do I Choose the Best Wood Chisel Set?

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Choosing the best wood chisel set depends on who will be using the set and what it is for. Of course, most people who purchase a wood chisel set already have or intend to gain experience with chisels and use them for a number of different projects. Thinking about what types of projects one will use the chisels for can help narrow down which set is best. Breakage is not usually a problem among chisels, but some tool kits are eligible for free sharpening from the company that made the tool, sometimes making these tools more valuable overall.

There are many different types of chisels. These tools can be used in many different ways, but each design comes with restrictions as well. For example, there are tang and socket style chisels, each of which is better suited to a different style of use. Another distinction is between palm and long handle chisels. If one is unfamiliar with chisel terminology, it is important to look up any terms associated with the wood chisel set before making a purchase.


In many cases, a wood chisel set will include only one type of chisel in several different sizes. This is excellent if one does not utilize chisels in very diverse ways. A person who needs a full set of woodworking tools for projects as diverse as wood carving and working with lathes might be better served by a more inclusive set. It can be best to start with a smaller set and add to one's collection over time, particularly because this allows a person to select the best tools for each job and only add necessary tools.

Many chisel sets come with additional features, such as free sharpening or decorative packaging. The wood used to make the handles of the chisels may be of different quality as well. Thinking about the brand of the chisels can be useful, as certain brands are known to make tools of better quality than other companies. If possible, buying tools that have a warranty can be a good investment.

When trying to pick the best wood chisel set out of a small number of options, one of the best things to do is try out the chisels. If this is not possible, holding the chisels in one's hands can provide some estimation of how using the chisel will feel. Buying a wood chisel set for a child is somewhat more complicated, as one must purchase a set that is safe enough for use by a child but sturdy enough to be functional. Gift chisel sets should be functional, but one might think about other considerations like the box in which the chisels are stored as well.


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I spend a lot of time doing woodworking projects, and have a tip for anyone looking to buy these tools. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a great wood chisel set. You can often find these types of woodworking tools at yard sales, thrift shops, antique stores, and auctions. Buying a used wood chisel set will save you a lot of money, and the tools will be just as effective as if you bought them new.

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I found a great wood chisel set at a hobby store that featured a lot of woodworking projects. This set was ideal for me, because I use it for small woodworking projects. It was also quite affordable.

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