How do I Choose the Best Women's Slippers?

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With such a wide range of women's slippers available today, choosing the best type is quite easy if you first think about what features you need. For example, if you're looking for slippers to keep by the back door, a soft-soled light colored satin slipper is likely to look dingy fairly soon even if you only wear it on the patio or deck, while a rubber house shoe or flip flop can be easily washed off with the garden hose. Yet, a flip flop slipper can spoil the look of an elegant silky robe, so in that case, satin or more feminine looking women's slippers would be best. Thinking about what type of slippers you need before buying them can help you have useful slippers in your home rather than a pile of footwear you don't wear or that may wear out too soon.

Besides thinking about women's slippers in terms of indoors versus outdoors, think about the weather. A slipper that's open in the toe and heel areas is perfect for summer, but a padded, boot style of slipper keeps the feet warmer in winter. Another consideration when buying ladies’ slippers is the type of floor covering you have. Hand knit or crocheted slippers can work well in all types of temperatures, however, if you have slippery floors, they are not the safest choice. Rubber soled slippers may be much safer and help prevent slipping and falling.


Luxurious fabrics for women’s slippers include satins and velvets, although many of these may be synthetic versions. Novelty slippers may be made from plain or animal print fleece or fake fur material. Fake fur is a synthetic fabric that is made to look like shaggy animal hair. Fuzzy slippers are made from fake fur and may be in the shape of animals or they may be just large and brightly colored. These whimsical types of women’s slippers can be comforting and help keep the feet warm – they’re the perfect match for flannel pajamas.

Women’s slippers with thick foam soles can be wonderful to put on after a day of standing at work. For travel, the ballerina type of ladies’ slippers works well as it is very flat and fits easily in a suitcase. Rubber flip flops are great for public showers in swimming pools or campgrounds because the foot is bare except for one strap. Plus, the sole helps keep the feet off of the floor and the flip flop slippers are able to get wet.


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Post 3

Has anybody ever tried those slippers from Acorn? All the ladies at my work are talking about how wonderful Acorn women's slippers are, but I have never seen them, so I don't know. If they really are as great as all my coworkers say then I would love to try them, but those things can be really expensive, so I'd like to learn more about them before I get some.

So has anybody reading this actually worn women's Acorn slippers? I am particularly interested in learning about their fleece slippers, those look the most comfortable to me.

Can anybody clue me in?

Post 2

My sisters and I have a long tradition of getting eachother slippers for Christmas presents, and through the years we've all found some pretty crazy pairs of slippers for each other.

Although it's not like we go out of our way to find really weird looking ones, sometimes when you see a really funny pair of novelty slippers you just have to go for it.

I know that my favorite pair was ones that were shaped like frogs, and actually had a mouth that opened and closed as you walked. Other winners throughout the years were "Where the Wild Things Are" slippers, and of course the one year where we all got each other granny slippers. I think

that the overall favorite of all time though was the year we all got shearling slippers. Talk about warm!

It really is a fun tradition, buying womens slippers every year, and since all of us are stay at home moms, we tend to wear them out about once a year too -- convenient, right?

Post 1

Most people would never guess this, but I am a total secret fluffy slippers addict. My usual style is very minimalistic and sleek, and when I'm at work I am all about the clean lines and smooth fabrics, but as soon as I get home I immediately kick off my heels and slip on my pink bunny slippers.

There's something just so relaxing about having that total disconnect from work shoes to home shoes -- it's like I can kick off my whole day along with all its stress and annoyance as soon as I get into those nice fluffy slippers.

I would definitely recommend it for women who are really type a and involved in their days -- seriously, get a pair of ridiculously fluffy slippers, and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to disconnect when you get home.

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