How Do I Choose the Best Women's Faux Fur Coat?

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The best women's faux fur coat is the one that features good-quality fabric and construction, is an appealing print or design, and suits the figure of the wearer well. As with any article of clothing, the best shape or cut will vary from person to person; a style that looks good on a petite woman may not look well on a plus-sized or tall woman. For many, faux fur is considered a desirable alternative to the real thing; since fake fur is synthetic, no animals are harmed to produce fashionable garments and accessories.

Good-quality faux fur fabric is dense and fluffy, with a soft, flexible backing. Styles vary, but if the fur is supposed to look authentic, it should resemble the pelt of a real animal. If the faux fur is a novelty print or color, it should have full coverage, without bare or bald spots, and the color should be consistent throughout. If the material used to create a women's faux fur coat is not of good quality, then the resulting item will often be of poor quality as well.


Body type plays a role in selecting the best women's faux fur coat for an individual. Since fur is fluffy and dense, it can add extra size and weight to an individual's silhouette. Larger women may find they prefer bolero and short jackets, while petite individuals may prefer waist and hip-length styles. Though individual preferences vary, these lengths are generally the most flattering faux fur styles for these body types.

For vegans or vegetarians, choosing a women's faux fur coat is an ethical way to wear fur without harming animals. Beyond the ethics of wearing fur, a faux fur garment of any type is considerably less expensive than its authentic counterpart. A women's faux fur coat that is a bright or unusual color can become an expression of personal style; a hot pink or bright red fur coat definitely makes the wearer stand out in a crowd.

The way a women's faux fur coat is constructed will affect the fit, appearance, and comfort of the garment. Faux fur fabric has a sturdy, almost stiff backing that is not comfortable when worn against the skin, so better-quality coats will have a full lining. If possible, a women's faux fur coat should be tried on before purchase. The fabric used to make a women's faux fur coat does not stretch, so there will not be a lot of extra wearing ease in a jacket made from this material. Different brands and styles fit in different ways, and one of the best ways to ensure that the coat will be comfortable is to try it on.


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