How do I Choose the Best Women's Cross-Training Shoes?

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When choosing among women's cross-training shoes, it is important to consider the treads on the soles of the shoes, the amount of support that the shoes provide, and whether the shoes will be comfortable for both indoor and outdoor exercise. The treads are especially important for people who plan to do a great deal of exercising outdoors. A woman who walks, jogs, and hikes, should have shoes that offer plenty of traction, especially if she sometimes exercises in wet or snowy weather. Support is very important as well. Arch support is key, but so is ankle support, especially for women who will be doing activities such as hiking and taking part in aerobics classes.

Women who exercise indoors and outdoors should choose women's cross-training shoes that are good at wicking moisture away from the feet so that they do not become too sweaty and clammy during exercise. It is also important to make sure to wear shoes that offer a level of insulation, especially if the women's cross-training shoes will be worn in cold or chilly weather. Women who often exercise in damp or rainy weather may do well to choose women's cross-training shoes that are water-resistant. This will keep the feet dry during exercise, which is for keeping the feet healthy and keeping the body warm.


There are some women's cross-training shoes that are intended mainly for outdoor activities. These can be useful for women who have active lifestyles and need a shoe that they can wear to the market and while hiking or walking. These sorts of shoes are normally not ideal for exercising in a gym or at home, but can be very versatile in other ways. These women's cross-training shoes often resemble a pared-down hiking shoe. In addition to offering the right kind of support for outdoor exercise, they also fit in aesthetically with sportswear.

One of the final considerations when choosing between women's cross-training shoes is aesthetics. Once the right brand and the best model of women's cross-training shoes has been identified, it is usually possible to choose between a few color options. Some women like to choose women's cross-training shoes that match their workout clothes. Others prefer to choose women's cross-training shoes that will fit in well with their casual wardrobe. While it is important to choose a pair that is aesthetically pleasing, choosing a well-crafted shoe is the most important step.


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Post 3

Some of the new cross-trainer shoes look more like a casual shoe than something you can work out in. I recently saw an ad that had some cross-trainers for sale and I was amazed at all the choices.

The last pair of cross-trainer shoes I bought was about four years ago. I don't wear them very often so haven't paid much attention to the styles.

I like some of the newer styles that use a mesh material in their shoes. These look like they would be great to wear in hot weather and give your feet room to breathe.

Post 2

I like to run outside when the weather is nice, but we have a lot of damp, rainy days where I live. If the weather is not great for running outside, I will go to the gym and work out.

I like to have more than one pair of cross-trainer sneakers depending on what the weather is doing and what activity I am participating in. I usually try to keep my gym shoes separate from the shoes I wear when I am outside.

I really enjoy the flexibility and choices you have when it comes to cross-trainer shoes. Some of the newer ones really have some bright, bold colors that I love to wear. My problem is I have a hard time narrowing it down to just one or two pairs.

Post 1

When I go shopping for a pair of cross-trainer shoes I like to buy one pair that I can wear for everything. I also like to buy white shoes because I think they will go with everything.

I am not much of a shoe person and the fewer number of shoes I have around, the better. My favorite brand is New Balance cross-trainers. Whenever it is time to buy a new pair of shoes, this is the brand I always look for.

The style has changed somewhat over the years, but the color and brand has stayed the same. I like to put on a pair of cross-trainer shoes that I know I can wear while I am out running errands, take a walk around the block or hike along a trail.

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