How Do I Choose the Best Wireless TV?

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Since there are a few different technologies that can be referred to as wireless television (TV), the first step in choosing the best device is to understand all the options. In most cases, the best wireless TV will be a set that includes Wi-Fi® connectivity and built-in support for the Internet services you are interested in accessing. Other wireless television sets are designed to interface directly with certain computer processors using a technology referred to as wireless display (WiDi). Another option when looking for the best wireless TV is to purchase a unit that meets all of your other needs and then fit it with an adapter device. The best wireless TV for your particular situation will depend on your viewing habits, technology use, and budget.

The term "wireless TV" is often used to describe television sets that have built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity. These devices typically have the ability to connect to a home network to access content stored on personal computers or networked storage devices. Some wireless televisions can also connect to the Internet through a compatible network device, which can give you direct access to many online video sources. In order to choose the best device, you should locate one that is of an appropriate size, uses the same Wi-Fi® protocol as your network, and provides access to the Internet video sources and applications that you are interested in.


Another type of wireless television makes use of a technology known as wireless display. Unlike Wi-Fi® enabled sets that receive data from networked devices or the Internet, WiDi enabled televisions act as wireless monitors. The wireless display technology first appeared as a software program, though specific computer processors have it built in. When a WiDi enabled computer is paired with a WiDi enabled television, a high definition image can be sent to the TV without any need for a wired connection. If you are interested in purchasing a computer with a WiDi enabled processor, this may be the best wireless TV for your purposes.

It is also possible to enjoy many of the same benefits of a wireless television without upgrading your current unit. If budget is a large concern, you may want to look into an adapter device rather than trying to find the best wireless TV. One type of wireless adapter is designed for use with network-ready televisions. This type of adapter can plug into the television and allow it to connect wirelessly to your network. Other adapters can plug directly into the component or high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) inputs of your existing television and wirelessly send a high quality video and audio signal.


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One of the great things about a wireless adapter is that they are dirt cheap, allowing the frugal shopper to grab one for very little money and to get a bargain on a "dumb" TV. Smart TVs that connect to WiFi networks are quite a bit more expensive than plain old HDTV sets. With just a little bit of shopping and research, you could wind up with something that works almost exactly like a Smart TV but works exactly the same way when a wireless adapter is connected to it.

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