How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Home Security Alarm?

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A home security alarm is a device that a homeowner can place in locations around the exterior of his or her home, such as on front and back doors and in driveways. These devices are normally motion detectors, meaning that they are activated when they sense motion. An individual who is interested in a device that does not come with wires and cords can choose a wireless home security alarm that runs on batteries. To choose the best wireless home security alarm, it can be helpful to consider factors such as the complexity of a device, the quality, and the price.

Alarms range from basic models that may include one or two features to more complex models that can perform a number of different functions. Choosing the best may depend on finding a model that provides you with the greatest sense of security. The most basic wireless home security alarm might emit an alarm bell noise when motion is detected. Some models shine lights when they are set off.

More complex models may come with DVD recorders. This kind of wireless home security alarm can be useful for capturing images of an intruder when there is a home invasion. This information can be used by law enforcement officials who investigate a break in. Some models come with remote control functions that allow users to turn alarms off and on and change settings from different locations in a home.


Other features that consumers often look for in a wireless home security alarm are pet friendliness and backup batteries. Pet friendly alarms often use infrared detection, meaning that they are set off by changes in temperature. A dog or cat does not create the same change in temperature that a person does, so a pet friendly alarm does not respond to smaller temperature changes. Backup batteries can save homeowners trips to the store and can reduce the chances of their being left without a functioning alarm for a night.

Quality in a wireless home security alarm can be impacted by how accurate it is and how long it might function before experiencing problems. One of the most common complaints among homeowners is that their alarms consistently go off when there is no significant motion. In more unfortunate situations, alarms may not respond when there is considerable motion. Customer reviews and recommendations from friends can be great tools for choosing a high quality wireless alarm.

Cost can also be a factor when choosing the best wireless home security alarm. As a general rule, the more complex an alarm is, the more it can cost. It can be a good idea to make a checklist of features you want in an alarm and to price some of the more popular models with these features.


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