How Do I Choose the Best Wireless Fax Machine?

Michelle Diane

The best wireless fax machine is the one that meets your needs and fits your budget. Carefully assess how you intend to use your new fax machine. Consider the number of faxes that you foresee sending and receiving, because if you send only a few documents per month, you likely don’t need heavy-duty equipment. Determine whether your machine will have a stationary location or will require high portability, and decide whether you want a standalone machine or a multi-function machine that includes fax capabilities. These decisions will ensure that you choose the best equipment for you.

Whether your fax machine will be stationary or portable is important to consider when buying a wireless fax machine.
Whether your fax machine will be stationary or portable is important to consider when buying a wireless fax machine.

Print quality is a major factor in your choice of a wireless fax machine. Inkjet fax machines typically are moderately priced and print good quality faxes and copies in black and white and in color. Laser-printing fax machines usually provide the sharpest and most durable printing and are best suited for heavy usage. They also are the most expensive wireless fax machines. The least expensive machines often use thermo printing, which produces lower-quality, less-durable documents than either laser or inkjet fax machines.

Experts recommend that you consider transmission speed, memory and additional capabilities when you choose the best wireless fax machine for your needs. More memory and rapid transmission typically make the fax machine more expensive. If you send only a few faxes, choosing a fax machine that that sends more slowly and has less memory can save a significant amount of money. Additionally, many companies make multi-function machines that can scan and print as well as send faxes, and these can save money when compared with buying a scanner, a printer and a fax machine separately.

Be sure to read independent consumer reviews of wireless faxes and all-in-one machines on websites or in magazines geared toward consumers. These reviews might help you learn that the model that you thought was perfect is an ink hog that is prone to paper jams. The time that you spend reading reviews and researching the available products might save you from frustration and help ensure that you choose the best fax machine for you. After you have made a decision and are ready to purchase a wireless fax machine, take time to comparison shop at different stores or online retailers. Any sales or discounts that are offered might save you money.

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