How Do I Choose the Best Wire Organizer?

Dan Cavallari

The term "wire organizer" may refer to several types of organizers, from straps or sheaths that hold cables and wires together, to desktop organizers that feature metal wires as separators or supports. The most common application of the term refers to any apparatus that helps keep several wires or cables from tangling or otherwise becoming disorganized. Choosing the best wire organizer starts with determining your specific needs, as well as the location of the wires to be organized. Thicker wires will require a larger organizer, and wires that run near a desk will need an organizer that will hide the wires if possible.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The most basic type of wire organizer is a plastic coil that wraps around a group of wires to prevent them from tangling or otherwise becoming unsightly. This lightweight coil is inexpensive, easy to use, and a good solution for a limited number of wires, and the size of the coil will differ according to how many wires need to be secured. This type of organizer is commonly seen in offices or workplaces with computer equipment; the wires from the computer equipment can be bunched together to prevent tripping hazards and unsightly workstations.

Plastic boxes that mount to the back of a desk or to a wall are a larger wire organizer solution that can make the aesthetic of a space much cleaner. Wires can be run into the plastic box and secured in slots in some cases, thereby preventing the wires from tangling around each other. The box will conceal the wires from view, improving the look of the desk or other space. A box is a great way to label the wires as well, as the inside of the box will conceal labels or marks as well.

Hook and loop straps and zip ties are inexpensive and convenient ways to organize wires. Hook and loop straps can be wrapped around several wires, and more than one strap can be used at various locations along the length of the wires. Such straps are inexpensive, easy to use, easy to store, and durable. Another option for cheap and easy to use wire organization involves a set of zip ties, which are thin, plastic straps with ridges. One end of the tie features a securing slot through which the other end of the tie can be placed to secure the strap tightly.

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