How do I Choose the Best Winter Gloves?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Selecting winter gloves or mittens is a task that will vary, depending on the severity of cold weather within the area, the types of tasks that must be performed while wearing the gloves, and the personal taste of the individual who will wear the gloves. If you are wondering how to choose the best winter gloves for your situation, here are some tips that will help you find exactly what you need.

Personal taste affects the choice of winter gloves.
Personal taste affects the choice of winter gloves.

There are few basic requirements that will apply in all situations. The most obvious is the size of the winter glove itself. It is essential that the gloves have a proper fit, one that is snug but no so tight that they limit the range of motion for the fingers or wrist. Gloves that do not allow the wearer to perform necessary tasks may keep the hands warm and toasty, but they will also be a source of frustration. As a result, the gloves may spend more time at home than out traveling with the owner.

Practical consideration should be giving to choosing winter gloves, as some people have to work with their hands in the cold.
Practical consideration should be giving to choosing winter gloves, as some people have to work with their hands in the cold.

The choice of material for the shell and the lining is also very important. Depending on the type of winter weather common to your area, different materials will be more appropriate than others. Locations with generally humid winter conditions are likely to require winter gloves that are made with a waterproof shell. This makes them much more practical while shoveling snow or cleaning a frosty windshield. In areas where the winter weather is cold but dry, the focus should be on the type of insulation found in the lining of the gloves. In both situations, the goal is to keep the hands warm and comfortable regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

One other practical consideration is the amount of coverage offered by the gloves. Some are tailored to barely cover the wrist, while others progress a couple more inches. An advantage to the longer winter gloves is the elongated wrist section will fit snugly under the cuff of a jacket. This is especially important in climates where cold weather is often accompanied by icy winds that would cause discomfort to even a small amount of exposed skin.

Style is also an important factor. A set of winter gloves that are ideal for playing in the snow may not be the best choice when going to work or out on a date or other social engagement. This means that you may want to keep more than one pair of gloves on hand. For general use, gloves that are in fun colors and reflect your personality may be a good option. At the same time, a nice pair of fleece or fur lined leather gloves to wear to work or when dressing up for an evening out would be a better option.

Choosing the right winter gloves involve employing a mixture of practicality, function, and style. By addressing each of these three basic elements, you have a good chance of finding just the right gloves for your needs.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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I don't like to wear leather, and so I have few options to buy warm winter gloves. As a knitter, my personal goal is to becoe able to knit my own wool winter gloves.


@Catapult, there are some good brands and materials of winter gloves, though. I have had good results with both fleece winter gloves and isotoner winter gloves, though I agree most knit gloves and other cheaper types you can buy are no help in winter at all.


Clothing retailers have become extremely inundated with cheap winter accessories in recent years. When looking for waterproof winter gloves especially, look for a good brand you trust; many say they are waterproof or "resistant", but in fact are not. Most on the market, whatever they say they are made of, are not much better than machine-produced, thinly knitted winter gloves.

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