How do I Choose the Best Winter Cycling Gloves?

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If you are looking for the best winter cycling gloves, you should try to find gloves that cover your entire hand and have a good, non-slip grip. You should also try to find gloves that are wind proof, water proof, and breathable. Some cycling gloves have gel pads on the palm to help with shock absorbency, and you may find this beneficial while you ride. If you often cycle at night, you might consider looking for winter cycling gloves that have reflective accents on the back of the hands and fingers. It might also be a good idea for you to venture out to different cycling stores and try on a variety of cycling gloves designed for winter use just to be sure that the gloves you select feel comfortable on your hands.

Keeping your hands comfortable and performing well while cycling in the winter usually means keeping them warm. When your hands get cold, you might have problems with your grip, and braking might not come as easily. Many people wear gloves that just cover part of the hand while leaving the fingers exposed during cycling, but these gloves might not be the best choice for winter. Winter cycling gloves that keep your hands warm are usually the best choice for use during the colder months because they are typically safer and more comfortable.


You should also look at the grip on all the winter cycling gloves you consider. Many types of cycling gloves have silicone covering the palm and fingertips, and these might offer superior non-slip protection. If you can't find cycling gloves with silicone non-slip grips, try to make sure the gloves you choose at least have some sort of non-slip material covering the underside. When you're cycling in the winter, exposure to the elements is typically probable. Purchasing gloves that are water proof and wind proof should give you some protection from element exposure.

Gel pads are beneficial to have not only on winter cycling gloves, but also on the cycling gloves you wear at other times of the year. When you cycle, chances are good that the ride will occasionally be bumpy. Gel pads can protect your hands from some injury while additionally making it easier for you to keep control of your bike when this happens. You may not want to cycle at night during the winter as often because of the colder temperatures, but if you decide to, your winter cycling gloves should have reflectors on the back. The reflectors will make you much more visible to people who are driving or out walking during the night, which helps ensure safety.

Even if you find the perfect pair of winter cycling gloves with all the features you are looking for online, you might still want to consider going physically to an actual store and trying on different pairs. The gloves you choose need to be comfortable for you to use above all else, and you can't be sure that gloves will be comfortable if you do not try them on first. The best pair of winter cycling gloves should help make cycling easier for you throughout the winter as well as being comfortable for you to wear.


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