How do I Choose the Best Wind Turbine Manufacturers?

Dee S.

There are several factors that may be considered when choosing the best wind turbine manufacturers. These factors may include how long the wind turbine manufacturers have been in business, the quality of their materials, and the pricing of the turbines. When looking at wind turbine manufacturers, considering the efficiency of a company and the warranty it offers may also prove helpful. Location may be important as well.

A horizontal axis wind turbine.
A horizontal axis wind turbine.

How long a manufacturer has been making wind turbines is one important factor to consider when choosing the best company. Some companies are well-established and have been in business for 20 to 30 years, making them a reliable choice. Although a new company may be a fine choice, it may not have as many tests or research statistics available to show the quality of its turbines.

Terrestrial wind farm.
Terrestrial wind farm.

Some wind turbine manufacturers make large turbines while others only make small turbines. In addition, some manufacturers only make horizontal axis turbines while others specialize in vertical axis turbines. As a result, when selecting the manufacturers, it is important to make sure they actually specialize in making the turbine that will work most effectively in the consumer’s particular area.

Another issue that should be considered when choosing wind turbine manufacturers is the country where the turbines are manufactured. For example, in some cases, it may be best to use a local manufacturer. Doing so may provide jobs to local citizens and reduce the emissions that are created from transporting the turbines long distances.

In some cases, the turbine manufacturer may be headquartered in one country, but all the facilities may be in a different country. For example, a manufacturer may be headquartered in the United States, but the facilities may actually be in China. As a result, the bulk of the jobs may be in China, even though it is a company based in the United States.

The quality of the materials used may be another factor when selecting wind turbine manufacturers. Some manufacturers may use lower-quality materials to save money, while others may use materials that are designed to last for many years. One way to determine the quality of the materials is to look at the length of the warranty. If the manufacturer does not warranty the turbine for a significant length of time, lower-quality materials may have been used.

Price and efficiency are other points to consider when selecting manufacturers of wind turbines. Although a significantly reduced price may be a warning sign of inadequate materials, it may also be a sign of a company that wants to expand into new regions. In most cases, a manufacturer should be able to show a consumer the length of time that she would need to wait to receive a return on her investment. For example, some companies may promise a purchaser that she will receive an investment return in three years while others may say it will take ten years.

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