How do I Choose the Best WiFi&Reg; PDA?

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In choosing the best WiFi® personal digital assistant (PDA), you should consider several factors such as the operating system of the PDA, its memory capability and expandability, and its battery life. Other important things to also look into are your budget, the PDA's size and form, as well as software availability. WiFi® PDAs are very useful to have as you can use them in public areas, also called hotspots, where WiFi® areas are set-up. With your WiFi® PDA you can have the convenience of going online at faster speeds, resulting in faster downloads and smoother browsing experience.

One should often prioritize looking into the WiFi® PDA's operating system (OS) before making a purchase. Some OS have advantages like better availability of software and longer battery life. Others have more options for data entry and recognition of handwriting, as well as better integrated multimedia support and larger size of screen. Knowing what features you require may greatly help you make a decision.

Memory is also an important factor in choosing a WiFi® PDA. Depending on what OS a WiFi® PDA has, an internal memory of 32 megabyte (MB) may be enough, for others a 64 MB is ideal. Determine also if the PDA allows memory expansion to accommodate your requirements. You can then opt to purchase a Secure Digital (SD) card to expand the memory of your purchased WiFi® PDA.


PDAs with WiFi® functionality usually tend to eat a lot of battery life especially when used continuously. It is, therefore, imperative to buy one that has a good battery life. A WiFi® PDA utilized for several tasks, such as listening to music, accessing the Internet through WiFi®, and watching video clips, can generally last up to five hours without recharging. More normal use would often result in a longer battery life of about five days.

In purchasing any device, the cost is often an important factor. It is then beneficial to consider how long you would use the PDA, and how much money you can allocate for some hardware and software upgrades. Software availability is also an important factor. Most PDAs have several health-related software applications you can choose from.

Lastly, the size, form, and display of the PDA should also be considered when shopping for a WiFi® PDA. Most users prefer a slim and easy-to-carry WiFi® PDA. A large enough screen with above average resolution is often best.


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