How Do I Choose the Best Wicker Hanging Chair?

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A hanging chair is one that does not feature a base, but is instead hung by a hook or chain from a frame or ceiling mount. A wicker hanging chair is a hanging chair made from branches or smaller twigs that are woven to create a strong supportive surface. Wicker can be a wood product, but it may also be made from plastic or other synthetic materials. Choosing the best wicker hanging chair starts with determining whether the chair will be used for indoor or outdoor use, and then deciding on a budget and a preferred aesthetic for the chair.

Once you have determined whether the wicker hanging chair will be hung indoors or outdoors, consider how the chair will hang. A wicker hanging chair used outdoors will usually require a frame of some sort, unless the chair can be hung from a solid overhead structure such as a porch or beam. The frame will need to be both sturdy and attractive, since it will support all the weight of the chair and the person sitting in it, and it will be in plain view. Sturdy metal frames are best, though the metal will have to be coated or otherwise protected to prevent rust and other water damage. The wicker itself will also need to be treated in some way to protect it from moisture damage, since wicker is susceptible to splitting, peeling, and molding.


An indoor wicker hanging chair can be used in conjunction with an independent frame, though in many cases it can be suspended from a hook installed into the ceiling. The hook will need to be secured into a beam, and the wicker chair should feature some sort of strong and attractive suspension chain or rope to ensure the chair will not fall when a person is sitting in it.

The chair should, of course, be comfortable above all else. If possible, test out the wicker hanging chair you are considering purchasing by sitting in it for several minutes. Take note of how comfortable the chair is both when initially sitting down and after several minutes of sitting. Take note of how the upholstery, if any, settles after several minutes of sitting, and take note of any features of the chair's design that can potentially cause discomfort while sitting for long periods of time. The chair should be comfortable enough for lengthy sitting periods, and the wicker should be woven in such a way that it is comfortable and strong enough to carry weight.


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