How do I Choose the Best Wholesale Wallpaper?

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Buying wholesale wallpaper isn't too different from purchasing wallpaper from retail outlets. To buy the best wholesale wallpaper, you'll have to figure out how much wallpaper you need, determine your budget, obtain samples of wallpaper and look for the best deals you can find. If you follow these tips, you'll find the perfect wallpaper for your needs.

Determine how much wallpaper you need. Buying wholesale wallpaper might be an attractive choice because of its inherent savings, but you should be aware that you might end up spending more money than you have to if you buy wholesale when you really need to cover only a small area in your home. By contrast, if you find yourself needing to use wallpaper on many objects, such as old furniture and shelves, your best bet might be to buy wholesale.

Prices for wallpaper can vary considerably. Paper quality, style, color and texture all can influence the cost of wallpaper. Many retail stores offer discounts when you are purchasing multiple rolls of wallpaper, though they might not always advertise it. Retail stores also can give you great deals on wallpaper that they are seeking to sell to make room for new wallpaper products. If the prices that you find in stores are too high for you, consider writing down the manufacturer's name and pattern description of a preferred wallpaper and then search online for better deals.


Buying wholesale wallpaper shouldn't limit your options. Many consumers are under the impression that only old or rejected products are sold wholesale. You don't have to forgo style and preference to buy wallpaper at a wholesale price, though. If you don't find your preferred wallpaper design at one outlet, shop around for it. If you really want a wallpaper design that you see at a home improvement store, paint store or boutique shop, inquire about where these places sell their products wholesale.

Always obtain samples of wholesale wallpaper before you buy it. Ideally, you should visit businesses that sell wholesale wallpaper to compare different types of wallpaper up close. When you physically view wallpaper, you can see colors, markings and textures more clearly than you would if you were picking wallpaper out of a digital or physical catalog. If you need to order from a catalog, request physical samples to be mailed to you to make the decision process easier. A benefit of obtaining samples is that you also can see how the wallpaper looks with the lighting available in your home.


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