How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Hair Extensions?

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You can choose the best wholesale hair extensions by finding the best hair extensions offline, getting an identifying number or name to order online, and reading the wholesale company’s policy on lost shipments and returns. An important step in finding the best wholesale hair extensions is determining the best color, texture, and brand. Next, most packages of hair extensions have an identifying name or number that you can search for online. Lastly, once you have decided on the best wholesale hair extensions, review wholesale companies to learn what happens should your package become lost in the mail or the wrong order is shipped.

It is next to impossible to match a person’s hair color and texture to a product online. For people inexperienced with hair extensions, the best way to match the color and texture is to visit a nearby beauty supply store and ask a salesperson. A salesperson can also usually name the highest quality brand, which is the brand that looks the most realistic and lasts longer than cheap brands. If possible, purchase one package of the hair extensions to wear and ensure they match your hair color and texture. Keep the package to later order the extensions wholesale.


On the package of each package of hair extensions, there is usually an identifying name or number. Search for this name or number on reputable wholesale company websites and compare the price to local beauty supply stores and other Internet retailers. Normally, a wholesale company places a minimum amount on the pieces ordered or order total, which must be met to do business with them. It is important to deal with wholesale companies recommended by friends or businesses or companies that at least have good reviews to ensure you get the exact product ordered rather than a counterfeit one.

The last step in ordering the best wholesale hair extensions is choosing a company with a solid policy on lost shipments and returns. If the shipment is lost, the company should offer to ship a new one within a certain amount of weeks. Likewise, the company should accept returns with no questions asked or at least under most circumstances. Companies that sell wholesale hair extensions but do not have a viewable policy on lost shipments and returns should probably be skipped, because most reputable companies have transparent rules about these situations. Ensuring these things allows you to order in confidence, knowing you will not end up with hair extensions you cannot use.


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