How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Flowers?

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Wholesale flowers are those available directly from vendors, in contrast to those purchased through a third party merchant such as a florist. If a person knows what to look for, it is possible to find an incredible selection and fantastic deals by purchasing wholesale flowers. In order to choose the best wholesale flowers, do research on local merchants, find a wholesaler that is open to the public, and create a shopping plan to best utilize the goods wholesalers have to offer.

Many towns and cities offer flower markets or wholesale flower stores. Markets may be held daily, or a few days per week. Since the flowers are being trucked in and sold for the same day, it is not unusual for flower markets and wholesalers to open extremely early in the morning. Getting up at three AM is not unusual for those looking for the best deals and widest selection.


Not all wholesalers are open to the public, since they are generally intended for use by professionals in the field. Contact local wholesalers to find out about their store policies before heading out to purchase flowers. Many allow public access on certain days per month, or for a few specific hours each day. If flowers are needed for an event on a specific day, it may be possible to select and order them on a public access day, then pick them up on the day of the event. Florists and event planners should also be aware that wholesalers often offer discounts to professionals, so bringing some form of professional credential may help net great deals.

Buying wholesale flowers can be somewhat overwhelming, since the selection may be truly enormous. Do some research ahead of time on different types of flowers, and be sure to note whether they are in season in the local area. Buying flowers in an off-season may still be possible at a wholesaler, but it may carry a price premium. Making a shopping list of desired blooms can be a great help that may save a person from hours of confused wandering; on the other hand, don't be afraid to explore and get excited by new or interesting alternative flower options.

When in doubt, it may be best to ask nearby staff for assistance choosing wholesale flowers. Wholesalers are often fantastic resources for matching a color palette to available flowers, and are usually happy to help customers work within a set budget. Customers shouldn't be afraid to try to bargain down prices, especially if purchasing a large quantity of products.


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When my sister was planning her wedding she bought wholesale flowers online. She did some research and found a good deal.

She had her heart set on white and red Ecuadorian roses, and she was afraid they weren't in her budget, but after checking with some different online wholesalers, she did get the flowers she wanted.

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