How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Flower Bulbs?

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Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best wholesale flower bulbs are color of the bulbs, the season to plant flower bulbs, and when they will bloom. A wise gardener will also consider color, water requirements, and hardiness when choosing wholesale flower bulbs. Since wholesale flower bulb companies have minimum purchase requirements, it's important to consider whether buying large numbers of flower bulbs in bulk will meet the gardener's needs.

Wholesale flower bulb companies routinely sell to professional landscapers and gardeners. Yet many consumers do not realize that wholesale flower bulb companies will also sell to amateur gardeners, provided the consumer meets the company's minimum purchase requirements. Many companies have relatively low purchase requirements that a home gardener can easily meet, often as little as $50 US Dollars (USD). Wholesale flower bulb companies frequently offer both print and online flower bulb catalogs to make choosing and purchasing easy for both professional and home gardeners. Buyers can locate companies that offer wholesale flower bulbs through an online search or by asking at a local nursery.


Once a wholesale flower company is located, either the print or online catalog can provide all the information the consumer needs to make an informed choice about choosing the best wholesale flower bulbs. Most importantly, a buyer must know which climate zone where the bulbs will grow so the correct hardiness is chosen. If a buyer plants non-hardy bulbs in a cold region that experiences freezing temperatures in the winter, the flower bulbs may not survive winter unless they are dug up each fall and brought inside.

Catalogs also give gardeners valuable aesthetic information about flower size, color, how long the bulb blooms, and during which part of the season. Some bulbs bloom in spring, others in the summer. Gardeners consider this information when planning the visual impact of the bulbs with other nearby plantings. Within each family of bulbs, there may be dozens to hundreds of varieties, many with differing hardiness, light and water requirements, ensuring that there are enough varieties to meet nearly any type of landscaping need.

When choosing wholesale flower bulbs, gardeners will also need to know the water and light requirements of the planting location. Some flower bulbs, like spring-blooming daffodils, need full sunlight in order to produce the greatest number of blooms. Many bulbs do well in seasons of drought, while others need access to water. Foliage die-back may be a consideration. After blooming, flower bulb foliage will wither and go dormant, creating an unattractive situation the gardener may want to mask with other plantings.


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