How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Designer Handbags?

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When buying wholesale designer handbags, always be diligent in inspecting each bag to determine its authenticity. If you are planning to resell the bags, find a wholesaler who will sell bags to you for at least 50 percent off of the retail price, so that you can make a profit. Whether you are buying to resell or whether you are buying wholesale designer handbags to add to your personal wardrobe collection, only purchase bags that are brand new, that have not suffered any damage during shipping and that come with a warranty.

Choose the best wholesale designer handbags by first researching the vendor you are buying from very carefully to assure that you are being sold authentic products. Do not buy from a vendor who sells knock-off designer products of any kind. Be sure to also only purchase from vendors who are authorized to resell their wholesale designer handbags, as certain designers have very strict stipulations about reselling their bags and it is important that your purchase is a legal one.


Immediately after making the decision to purchase designer bags, be sure to be thorough in researching how to differentiate between an authentic designer purse and a replica. Knowing how to personally identify a real designer bag ahead of time will help you tremendously when the time comes to choose the best wholesale designer handbags for purchase. In addition to knowing how to identify an authentic designer bag, study the various ways of spotting fake bags. Some replicas can come very close to appearing real, but a thread type or a certain type of stitching can be a tell-tale sign. Having an awareness of the deceitful fashions currently being sold may go a long way toward saving you time and money when purchasing wholesale designer handbags.

Purchase bags that are accompanied by a warranty. Designer handbags are made of high quality textiles and craftsmanship, and bags are meant to last for many years, if not for an entire lifetime. Designers, therefore, offer a warranty to new owners to repair damages, such as loose threading or damaged hardware.

Vendors who specialize in selling wholesale fashion items do so at less than what such products would sell for to the general public. In order to make a nice profit off of these items, however, a wholesaler often must sell her or his wholesale clothing in bulk orders. When purchasing wholesale designer handbags, therefore, you will likely have to buy multiple bags. To make your own profit, it is important that you purchase the bags at far less than what you plan to resell them for. A minimum of a 50 percent price reduction is ideal when purchasing wholesale designer handbags.


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