How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Candles?

Nicole Long

Choosing the best wholesale candles requires a thorough understanding of candle types and options. Various waxes, fragrances and colors lead to endless options in the world of candles. In addition, knowledge of the manufacturer and quality control standards should be researched.

Wholesale candles.
Wholesale candles.

Purchasing candles through wholesale distributors can help reduce costs. Reasons to purchase from a wholesaler are varied. They can include purchasing a large quantity for an event, such as a wedding, or to replenish stock in a store. Unlike purchasing candles from a local retailer, purchasing wholesale candles will require you to purchase a candle based on factors beyond touch and feel.

A wholesale candle.
A wholesale candle.

Candles can be made from a variety of materials, such as beeswax, soy and paraffin. Shopping for candles begins with identifying the type of candle you wish to purchase. For instance, an individual opening a store that sells environmentally friendly products may opt for candles made of soy.

Fragrances and colors represent another concern when trying to choose the best wholesale candles. The relative strength of a fragrance may be hard to identify, however you can use candles already in the marketplace to test out fragrances. Preferred fragrances, such as vanilla and cinnamon, can be similar across most candle lines. Contacting the wholesaler directly and asking about the accuracy of coloring in their marketing material, print and online, would be a good idea before ordering.

Manufacturer and wholesaler reputation should also be taken into consideration when looking to purchase wholesale candles. This can be accomplished by doing online research and contacting local candle associations and membership organizations. Talking with other customers and requesting trade references is another method of ensuring wholesalers are selling candles that meet industry standards.

Taking advantage of any opportunity to try a candle out beforehand can be helpful when choosing the best wholesale candles. Options include visiting local retailers who sell specific candle brands and testing one out before you order a large quantity from a wholesaler. Some wholesalers may send out sample sets of some of their most popular candles for established businesses and potential customers.

When ordering wholesale candles, you will want to consider other limitations. The location of the wholesaler should be considered. This is important for calculating shipping costs and ensuring adequate time for delivery. Ordering wholesale candles from a local or regional wholesaler may reduce overall costs and ensure candles are received with minimal damage, such as can occur when shipped and stored in extreme heat for a long period of time.

Shopping wholesale allows customers to buy large quantities of candles for a cheaper price.
Shopping wholesale allows customers to buy large quantities of candles for a cheaper price.

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