How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Cabinets?

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In order to choose the best wholesale cabinets for your home, you have to consider the purpose for the cabinets, the availability, sizes, cost and the quantity you have to buy. Purchasing wholesale cabinets for building or remodeling your home can save you money. You can typically buy cabinets at a wholesale cost from wholesale member clubs, directly from local manufacturers or from discount home supply stores.

Generally, wholesale cabinets can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. If you are building or remodeling a bar area in your home, then this is also a place where you may be installing cabinets. Consider the purpose of the cabinets before choosing any particular unit. You should confirm with the seller or the installer that the cabinet you are choosing will hold the countertop you are installing or that the sink will fit in the cabinet prior to buying it.

Availability is another factor to consider when buying wholesale. Unlike retail stores, wholesale cabinet sellers have a set amount of cabinets for sale. When the in-stock cabinets sell out, then that particular style or model is no longer available. You should make sure that the wholesaler has all of the cabinets you need available on the day of the purchase.


Every kitchen, bathroom and bar area has different measurements. According to your design, you need to match the size of each cabinet to the design. If the wholesaler only sells one size of a particular cabinet, you may have a difficult time matching the cabinets with the design.

Wholesale cabinets do tend to be less expensive than retail cabinets. Wholesale cabinets are almost always less expensive than custom-made cabinets. You still need to compare the cost from one wholesaler to another. If everything else is equal, then you can choose the best wholesale cabinets based solely on the cost. The cost of the cabinets, however, should not be the only factor, but rather the last factor that you consider.

Some wholesalers and wholesale clubs limit the amount you can purchase. Others require you to buy a minimum amount of the cabinets in order to get the wholesale price. Verify the minimum and maximum quantity of cabinets or the price point you have to reach in order to complete your purchase. If the wholesaler limits you to a set number of cabinets and you need more, then it is not the best wholesaler for you.


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