How do I Choose the Best Whole House Air Filtration?

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To choose the best whole house air filtration, it is important to determine what your overall needs are. This will allow you to determine how sophisticated a system you should purchase. For example, those with asthma, lung disease, or other conditions may benefit from a heavy duty hospital grade filtration system. Those with no preexisting conditions on the other hand, may do well with a smaller system bought from a department store.

One type of whole house air filtration system can be installed directly into your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. If you have an older HVAC unit, you may do better to replace the entire thing at once. Filters can be installed on the main unit and in the air vents. Some filtration systems also have a built-in humidifier. When using this type of whole house air filtration, it is important that you remember to change your filters frequently, and replace water used in a humidifier to prevent mold growth.


You may also choose a whole house air filtration system that works as a standalone unit. Although many of these systems are not large enough to filter an entire home, there are many higher-end models that can effectively do so. Just make sure that before you make a purchase, you carefully read the packaging on each system to be sure of the number of square feet it can filter. In some cases, combining two smaller units may be more cost-effective than buying one larger unit.

Hospital grade whole house air filtration systems are generally installed via your HVAC system's ductwork, but they run using a separate system and come with a separate air filtration unit. These can be installed during the initial HVAC install or anytime after. For those who are chronically ill and need a more sterile environment, these are the most effective type of air filtering system. Most hospital grade units use a HEPA filtration device.

HEPA filters are capable of capturing smaller particles of allergens and bacteria than more conventional filters. This makes them more suitable not only for patients with lung conditions, but for other ill people who can’t be exposed to high levels of bacteria and toxins.

The cost of buying a whole house air filtration unit varies. Small units capable of filtering a smaller home or trailer can be bought in department stores and online retailers, while hospital grade units may have to be purchased through specialized retailers. An HVAC professional will most likely have to install both hospital grade units being run through your home’s ductwork, as well as more conventional built in units.

Choose the best whole house air filtration by comparing prices and buying the least amount of protection you need. If you do not have any serious ailment requiring you to purchase a large hospital grade unit, you would likely benefit much more from a smaller system. Healthy lungs are able to manage small amounts of allergens and bacteria, and may even benefit from being exposed, as these things can enhance your body’s immune response. Only those who have a high level of sensitivity will need a high-end unit.


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