How do I Choose the Best Wheelchair Cup Holder?

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To choose the perfect wheelchair cup holder for your needs, consider finding one that can fit several sizes of cups and drinks, has excellent consumer ratings, and attaches easily to the side of the wheelchair. There are several options for wheelchair cup holders out there, and they all have their own merits. Choosing the best one is ultimately a personal decision.

Wheelchairs in general do not come with built-in cup holders, so the basic choices involve attachable cup holders. These can be either semi-permanent or easily-detachable mounted holders that affix to either the wheelchair arm or frame, and many can swing out and pivot or remain stationary. Some are hard materials and others are soft. Many have vertical slots to allow for mugs or coffee cup handles.

Whichever type of wheelchair cup holder you decide to use, the best for most people will probably be the one that can hold the most sizes and types of drink containers. It is wise to pick one that can handle a large water bottle as well as a simple coffee mug, for example. Also, a more durable and versatile wheelchair cup holder is recommended over one that can easily get damaged. This means one with a sturdier frame and one that can fold in and out would offer much more mobility. Another alternative is a do-it-yourself version—a DIY wheelchair cup holder may be a little extra work, but you can design it to your exact specifications.


The bottom line for getting the best wheelchair cup holder is to make a list of your needs and comparison shop. Search on some comparison websites and look at the various wheelchair cup holder features. Many medical supply stores and general merchandise stores also sell universal cup holders that are convenient for wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers.

Also consider visiting a website that has customer reviews on the products. Reading what consumers like you have to say about a specific wheelchair cup holder can be extremely helpful in making the best choice. You can also ask friends or relatives about their experiences buying a wheelchair cup holder. Other people who have tried the products can offer tips and point out advantages and disadvantages that some people would not think of until they've actually tried it for themselves.


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