How do I Choose the Best Wheatgrass Supplements?

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Wheatgrass is a green food with a long list of possible health benefits and no known side effects. Regardless of the type of wheatgrass supplement you choose, you could find that it boosts your immune system. This is due to the fact that the word "green" in the term green food results from high doses of chlorophyll, which delivers a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These supplements are commonly found in three forms: juice, powder and pills or tablets. Depending on your personal preferences, one type of supplement may work better than another.

Those who include green foods in their daily diet and endorse the usage of wheatgrass supplements tend to believe that fresh juice made from living blades of the grass have the most health benefits of all types of this supplement. While no conclusive studies prove this belief, green foods tend to include a large number of various types of enzymes. Enzymes can be more numerous and powerful when still living, which accounts for the belief that fresh juice is the most healthful choice of supplement.


Many call the natural taste of wheatgrass juice sweet, though a chaser such as fruit or vegetable juice is commonly consumed directly after the juiceā€”it is often referred to as a shot because it usually comes in small doses. Though the juice may have added benefits and many people like the taste, it is probably the most difficult supplement to procure. You can choose to cultivate the grass on your own. This option, however, requires that you buy a special juicer; furthermore, some consumers admit that growing the wheatgrass, juicing it and using it all before it dies can be a hard task. The other option is to buy wheatgrass shots from juice or health food stores, but this choice may be inconvenient and could get expensive.

Wheatgrass supplements are also available in powder form. When the grass is grown, processed and stored under certain conditions, the powder is supposed to maintain all of the healthful enzymes, vitamins and minerals of fresh wheatgrass. Since the powder is dried, this type of supplement can be purchased in bulk, usually at cheaper prices than juice would cost. The powder also lasts longer than juice, which can go bad in a relatively short period of time. Those who often make smoothies or do not mind the taste of wheatgrass powder added to a glass of juice or water might find wheatgrass powder their best option.

If you do not enjoy the taste of wheatgrass or do not want to drink juice or smoothies, pills or tablets might be your top choice. Pills are often the cheapest and most convenient form of this supplement, as they are easy to transport at mealtime. Tablets are also said to have no taste or aftertaste. Whichever form of wheatgrass supplements you consider, a doctor or nutritionist may help answer any additional questions you may have.


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Post 4

@turquoise-- I second this, wheatgrass supplements definitely work.

I first tried wheatgrass powder for detox but that was so difficult to drink. It doesn't taste good, even when mixed with fruit juice. Then, I bought wheatgrass powder capsules. I have bad allergies all year around and I was hoping that the wheatgrass would help, and it did.

My immune system has improved and my allergies have lessened since I started taking wheatgrass supplements daily. The one I buy is certified USDA organic and 1000mg per capsule. I take one capsule per day. It's great stuff.

Post 3

@SarahGen-- I don't deny that fresh wheatgrass is the best and most beneficial. But I don't agree that wheatgrass juice powder and tablets are not effective. They still have many benefits.

Fresh wheatgrass juice is great, but I don't have access to it. I tried frozen wheatgrass juice but it was too expensive to buy regularly. Wheatgrass tablets are very affordable, easy to store and easy to take. If the supplement is from a reputable, high quality brand, I'm sure it maintains most of the nutrients.

Post 2

I've heard that wheatgrass tablets are not very effective. It's best to have organic wheatgrass juice fresh, and if that's not possible, then frozen. By the time wheatgrass is made into tablets, it probably loses most of its nutrients.

Post 1

I didn't realize until just recently that wheatgrass is the same thing as "cat grass" in many places. I noticed in my grocer's organic produce aisle that a carton of living wheatgrass was also labeled as cat grass, which my cats are fans of. So it may be a matter of where you can buy the grass cheaper, the pet store or the grocery store, and then you can see whether it's worth it to grow your own wheatgrass.

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