How Do I Choose the Best Wet Epilator?

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Shopping for a wet epilator to remove unwanted hair can become overwhelming because of all the different choices and options available. Over time, epilators have evolved from using rotating springs to using rotating discs and tweezers. When looking for the best wet epilator for the money, a few things must be taken into consideration. Two key desired features on wet epilators are the ability to be recharged and the overall number of tweezer-discs incorporated into the head. An ideal wet epilator will be reasonably priced, be rechargeable, and have the highest number of tweezer-discs available for any particular price range.

Basically, there are three different types of epilators. Rotating spring epilators were once popular but have largely gone out of use. With these epilators, a coiled spring head would vibrate and pull out unwanted hairs. The next type of epilator introduced was the rotating disc epilator. Instead of a vibrating spring, this type of epilator used a row of rotating discs to grab and pull out any hairs it came into contact with.


The newest type of epilator is called the tweezer epilator because it uses metal plates that rotate and contract together as it tweezes out hairs. Of all the types of epilators, the tweezer epilator tends to be preferred because the tweezers are able to pull out much smaller hairs than the other two types, meaning smoother results. Another major benefit is that it can be used in the bath or shower as a wet epilator. By using a waterproof device, users can reap the benefits of being able to epilate in water, where the hair softens and becomes easier to extract, with less pain.

When looking for a good wet epilator, some key things to consider are whether it uses batteries or is rechargeable, the amount of tweezer-discs incorporated into the head, and the overall price to purchase and maintain the unit. Many epilators can easily drain a set of new batteries with one use, so having a rechargeable unit is much more beneficial in the long run. Another thing to watch out for when comparing one wet epilator with another is how many tweezer-discs are used, because the higher the number, the better the results. For those with low pain thresholds, a unit with multiple speed options may be desirable. Also, the upfront prices aren't the only things to look at; over time the heads will also need to be replaced.


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