How do I Choose the Best Weight Training DVD?

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When choosing a weight training DVD, it does not matter how popular the program is, how well it is selling, or how many other people have found results. The most important consideration is how well it matches the goals and personal preferences of the person who will be using it. The buyer should consider current fitness levels, fitness goals, and space and equipment available. A good weight training DVD will explain proper form for all exercises and focus on safety and injury prevention. Finally, it’s wise to check online reviews of the weight training DVD to see how others rate the product.

Before purchasing a weight training DVD, the buyer should rate his or her current fitness level and make sure the DVD is appropriate. Weight training DVDs should be adaptable to increasing levels of fitness. If this is not possible, then the buyer should be aware of the need to invest in a more advanced weight training DVD as fitness progresses.

Weight training DVDs will require weights and possibly additional equipment. The buyer should know what equipment is required to complete the workout and gauge whether an additional purchase is feasible. Some weight training DVDs require only basic hand weights while others require more specialized, expensive equipment, such as weight training machines, elastic bands, kettlebells, or barbell sets. Weight training equipment can take up a lot of space so the buyer should also consider where the equipment can be used and stored.


The DVD routine and program itself are important to consider. It is possible to buy a DVD with a great exercise routine but the instructor is not motivational enough. Even the music accompaniment can be important to consider since the buyer will be listening to it at every workout. The exercise sessions should be of a realistic duration and match the time limitations of the purchaser. Workout instructors should address equipment safety issues, proper form, and alterations to the exercise to make it easier or harder.

Before purchasing the weight training DVD, it can be helpful to read reviews from others who have already purchased and used the product. Although their concerns may not be the same as the potential buyer, their experiences can help raise issues that might not have been considered before. No weight training DVD is perfect for all exercisers, so it is crucial to decide what features are personally important before making a purchase.


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