How do I Choose the Best Weight Lifting Bench?

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One of the things to consider when choosing a weight lifting bench can be whether or not it has desired features, such as a leg-curl mechanism or a storage rack for extra weights. You might also want to see how easy it is to adjust the amount of weight you are lifting. The size of the space you have to devote to this piece of fitness equipment can also be a determining factor, as can the cost of the machine and its available warranty.

Before you make a purchase, decide what you want to use this weight lifting bench for. If you only plan to use dumbbells or hand-held weights, you might not need a model with a bar on it. If you are concerned only with developing your upper body, you may not want a type that has attachments for working the quadriceps or hamstrings, as these are major muscles of the legs.

You may not use the same amount of weight for every exercise you perform. This means you should be able to add and remove weight easily, whenever it is necessary. You should find out what extra weights are included with your equipment, and determine whether or not there is a safe place to store these when they are not in use.


The space you have to dedicate to a weight lifting bench can also influence your purchase tremendously. Before you go shopping, measure the area where you plan to work out, so you know how big the machine can be. Think about any doors you may need to take it through, or whether or not it needs to go up or down stairs to get to its intended location.

You should try to buy the best weight lifting bench for your particular budget. Often, inexpensive models can be poorly constructed and therefore not last long after being purchased. For this reason, you may want to inquire as to whether or not there is a warranty included and what it might cover. It is however, generally not necessary to purchase a piece of equipment designed for use in a commercial fitness center in order to have a bench that meets your fitness needs.

Having a weight lifting bench in your home or office can be beneficial because you can work out any time you like. It can also help you save money since you may not need to join a gym in order to exercise. Choosing this product wisely can help you stay fit while enjoying the benefits of this machine for many years to come.


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Post 3

You can find used weight lifting benches for sale without looking very hard. Of course this is true with most types of exercise machines. People truly intend to work out and get in shape, so they go out and buy exercise equipment and then they don't stick with the exercise program and they end up with equipment gathering dust in a corner.

If you want a used bench you should look at garage sales, or on websites where you can buy and sale used exercise equipment. Some of the items are top notch and being sold at low prices because people simply want to get rid of them.

Post 2

The biggest concern I have about a weight lifting bench is whether or not the device is sturdy. When you're lifting light weights, everything doesn't have to be so precise. However, if you're lifting heavy weights and the bench shakes or tilts then you could be in big trouble.

I have seen way too many bench press setups where the part of the bench where the weight bar rests wasn't stable or it wasn't large enough or positioned at the proper angle so that you could easily get the bar and the weights back in place when you were lying on your back.

Post 1

I agree with the article when it says that some of the cheaper weight lifting bench sets don't last very long. A cousin of mine had a bench and weights. He kept them on his parents' carport, so they were not totally out of the weather. The weights weren't even made of iron. They were concrete with plastic covers.

The plastic covers came apart and the concrete was exposed. Then the concrete broke on some of the weight plates and the bar rusted. Some of this was caused because the weights weren't kept inside, but they weren't very good from the start.

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