How Do I Choose the Best Wedding Cake Frosting?

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When choosing a wedding cake, many couples want one that not only tastes good but looks good as well. The type of wedding cake frosting used can determine the appearance of the cake as well as its flavor. The most popular types of wedding cake frosting are buttercream and fondant. Buttercream is very sweet and good for decorating. Fondant is thick and perfectly smooth, but many people do not think it tastes as good as other icings.

Buttercream frosting is very versatile and many bakers like to use it when making a wedding cake. The taste is very sweet and rich. It takes color well and can be colored to match different wedding themes. Many design components, such as flowers and edge piping, can be created using buttercream wedding cake frosting.

If a buttercream icing is used, it is best to keep it in a cool area to prevent it from melting. It can be smoothed onto a wedding cake easily but does not have the smoothness and look that fondant can provide. Buttercream frosting is usually best for people that are more concerned with the taste of the wedding cake as opposed to its design.


Fondant can either be rolled or poured. Rolled fondant is semi-soft and has a dough-like texture. Poured fondant dries to a semi-hard consistency. Both types can be colored, but poured fondant can only be colored in pastel shades while rolled fondant can take on much deeper hues. Fondant has a very smooth, satin-like finish. This type of wedding cake frosting is often used on cakes that feature intricate designs.

While fondant can make cakes look perfect, many people do not care for the taste or texture of it when it comes to actually eating the cake. When serving wedding cake covered in fondant, this icing is usually peeled off. Using fondant frosting on a wedding cake is typically best suited to couples that have a specific cake design in mind, and want the cake to be more of a decorative piece as opposed to a dessert selected for taste.

When deciding on a wedding cake frosting, it is important for a couple to consult the baker making their cake. Some bakers are able to put a layer of buttercream frosting between the cake and the fondant. This solution can create a cake with the seamless look of fondant while also incorporating the sweet taste of buttercream.


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Fondant looks great, but I wouldn't want it on my wedding cake. Most people just scrape it off and there's all that hard work for nothing. It doesn't taste that good, and has kind of a rubbery texture. The main advantage of fondant is it keeps the cake moist and allows decorators to do things they can't do with a buttercream. But I'd still rather have a buttercream.

Also, a buttercream should be made with real butter, not shortening. Shortening will make it greasy and waxy tasting. A vanilla buttercream will complement most fillings and cake flavors. Sometimes, sticking with tradition isn’t such a bad thing.

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