How Do I Choose the Best Wax for Braces?

Alicia Sparks

Generally, wax for braces isn’t the kind of product that might work well for one person and not as well for another. Overall, if a quality wax will work well for one person, it will work well for everyone. You can begin your search for the best wax for braces right in your orthodontist’s office. If you don’t have luck there, start shopping with department and drug stores and look for wax in brands you recognize and trust. Since orthodontic wax is the kind of product you need to try before you know how it will work for you, be sure to compare prices, read customer reviews, and ask about return policies and money-back guarantees before making a purchase.

Orthodontic wax prevents braces from pressing into a patient's lips.
Orthodontic wax prevents braces from pressing into a patient's lips.

Before you start shopping for wax for braces, check with your dentist or orthodontist about getting dental wax during your appointments. Sometimes, the quality of this orthodontic wax is superior to that of the dental wax you’ll find on the shelves of drug stores and department stores. Plus, you might get it for free since you’re already a paying patient. If you like the quality of the wax for braces your orthodontist provides, but find you need more wax than he supplies during your appointments, check the brand name and name of the company that manufactures the wax. You might be able to order it in bulk directly from the manufacturer.

It is important to check with a dentist before shopping for wax for braces.
It is important to check with a dentist before shopping for wax for braces.

If you need to shop for wax, start with brands you already know and trust. For example, if you’re satisfied with the quality of your toothpaste or dental floss, find out if that manufacturer also makes dental wax. Chances are, you’ll be satisfied with the quality of the wax, too. Look for phrases like “medical grade” or “orthodontic grade” on the packaging. Unless the company is misrepresenting its product, wax with these expressions on their packaging should be high quality.

Be sure to check out reviews of the wax you’re considering. You can search the Internet for reviews, as well as look in the customer review sections of online stores. You can even take the more traditional route and talk with other people who wear braces about the orthodontic wax they prefer.

Sometimes, price plays a role in the quality of wax for braces. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that an expensive wax will work better than a cheap wax, and vice versa. Shopping with a trusted brand, reading past customer reviews, and talking with other people who wear braces can help you protect yourself against spending too much or too little on inferior wax for braces. Still, these steps aren’t foolproof. Before purchasing any wax, ask about the store’s return policy and any money-back guarantee.

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