How Do I Choose the Best Water Bed?

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Water beds can be a great way of providing the right level of support for people suffering with different types of back pains. Choosing the right type of water bed can be somewhat intimidating, since there are a variety of models and designs on the market today. By taking into account the design and stability of the bed, the range of features desired, and the overall cost of purchase and maintenance, it is possible to identify and ultimately choose the best water bed for your needs.

One of the first considerations with choosing a water bed is the type that will work best in terms of design and personal preferences. The two broad categories to consider are known as soft-side and hard-side designs. A soft-side is a water filled mattress that rests on a platform that does not come with any type of sides to contain the mattress. By contrast, a hard-side design sports a frame that is usually equipped with a padded liner that cradles the mattress. Both designs may include room for storage as part of the structuring of the frame or platform used to support the mattress.


Another consideration has to do with the sturdiness of the water bed. Both the mattresses and the frame should be constructed of materials that are likely to hold up well for an extended period of time. Cheaper water bed designs may utilize pressboard as part of the frame, or utilize a thinner mattress in order to save money on production costs. Stay away from those beds if at all possible, since they will likely begin to deteriorate much faster than frames made with solid wood or mattresses that are thinner in design.

Take the time to consider the range of features desired for the water bed. Heating and cooling controls are a must, with some designs including dual controls. Some mattresses are designed as a simple bladder, while others call for the use of a series of water coils that help to keep the mattress stable when sleepers change positions during the night. Pay close attention to features that allow for the easy filling and draining of the mattress, since this will make the task of water bed maintenance easier to manage.

As with most furniture purchases, cost is typically an issue to consider when choosing the best water bed. Avoid the temptation to settle for a less expensive model, unless it is evident that the bed is the same level of quality as a costlier option. By focusing more on sturdiness and quality and less on the price tag, the chances of securing a bed that will provide years of restful sleep are greatly enhanced.


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