How Do I Choose the Best Washing Machine Stand?

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The most important consideration when choosing a washing machine stand is strength as well as stability. The stand should be made from durable materials that will not move when under load of the heavy washing machine. Some stands come in pairs to accommodate both a washer and dryer unit, which is a good choice for keeping the machines level and off the ground where moisture can damage the machine or where the machine can damage floors. Choose a washing machine stand that is not too high, as taller stands will make accessing the machine controls more difficult.

Choosing a washing machine stand with an open bottom will allow you to store laundry baskets beneath the washer for easier access and storage. The gap should be just tall enough to accommodate a typical laundry basket; taller gaps may make the top of the washer inaccessible, especially for shorter people. Think about the materials used to make the stand as well; wood and metal are the most common choices, and within those two frame materials, several types of woods and metals exist. Choose materials that are resistant to water damage such as rot, cracking, mold and mildew buildup, and so on. Metal should be resistant to rusting and corrosion as well.


if you do not wish to raise the machines off the ground but still want a washing machine stand that will protect your floors or prevent moisture damage on the bottom of the machine, consider a washing machine pan instead. Unlike a washing machine stand, a pan will not raise the machines significantly off the ground, but the pan will still provide a thin layer of protection between the machine and the floor. The pan is made of metal or sometimes plastic, and the edge of the pan is lipped all the way around to contain any water that may escape the machine.

Front load washers will benefit from a washing machine stand that will raise the washer off the ground a fair amount. This will prevent you from having to bend over to access the laundry inside. Some stands accommodate this by featuring a pull-out shelf on which a basket can be placed during loading and unloading, thereby lifting the basket off the ground as well. This is handy for people with back problems or elderly people who have difficulty bending over and reaching.


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