How Do I Choose the Best Washing Machine Cleaner?

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Washing machines, despite being responsible for cleaning clothes, sometimes need to be cleaned themselves. If a bad or persistent odor is coming from the washing machine, then it is time to buy a washing machine cleaner to get rid of the fungus, dirt and water residue causing the smell. Choosing the right washing machine cleaner depends on the ingredients, whether the cleaner is a sheet or a liquid, how the cleaner works, how often the cleaner must be used and the amount of cleaner in the package.

Most cleaners, like most detergents, are made from a medley of chemicals. Most people have no problem being exposed to these chemicals. Others may find the chemicals can cause a skin reaction. If allergies and sensitivities are a concern, finding a cleaner made from natural ingredients instead of chemicals is a priority. Those without such concerns can buy either natural or chemical varieties.

Washing machine cleaner solutions come in two main varieties: sheet or liquid. Both are effective at cleaning washing machines, and nothing has shown one to be better than the other. This really makes it a matter of personal preference.


To use a washing machine cleaner, it is common to place the cleaner into the washing machine and either run a soaking cycle overnight or run a regular cycle on hot water. A washing machine that does not have a soaking cycle may be harder to clean. Read the instructions before you make a purchase to see if the cleaner can be used on the machine in question.

Each washing machine cleaner comes with a recommended time frame for when the cleaner should be used, whether once a month or several times a month. A cleaner that is used less often may save money, because it's likely to require less to maintain the cleaning effect over a longer period. Strength is also a question, because some cleaners may need to be used more often than the packaging claims if you want to get the washing machine clean and keep it that way.

Getting more cleaner in a package is better than getting less, because this tends to reduce price and ensures the washing machine will be clean longer without the need to buy more. Try to find larger packs, such as products that will last from six months or a year. Size should not be the only consideration though, because an effective smaller product is always better than a large amount of an ineffective product.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- You are right, some washing machine cleaners are made of harsh chemicals. In addition, they can be costly. In my opinion, there is no need to purchase a washing machine cleaner when white vinegar works just as well.

Just like the article says of commercial cleaners, you can use a cup or two of white vinegar in a normal wash cycle to get your machine clean and fresh. Use this process at least once every 6 week to keep your washing machine running perfectly and smelling like new.

Post 1

I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts about the safety of washing machine cleaners. It sounds like they could be harsh, and I wouldn't want those chemicals to end up on my clothes.

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