How do I Choose the Best Wall-Mount Vanity?

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A wall-mount vanity can add an ultramodern touch to any bathroom. With the wide array of wall-mount units available, however, choosing the best product for you can be an overwhelming process. By considering a few key points before you start shopping, you can simplify your search for the perfect vanity. Begin by examining the wall on which the vanity will be installed to establish potential structural and size limitations. Then, decide on your preferred vanity style and set a budget for your purchase.

While wall-mount vanities may appear to float in place effortlessly, many models are in fact quite heavy. Therefore, to begin your search for a wall-mount vanity, you should examine the wall on which the unit will be hung to establish potential structural limitations. Walls which are less sturdy in their construction may not be able to bear the weight of a very heavy unit.

On a related note, you should also consider the scale of your bathroom to determine your preferred vanity size. A wide unit with multiple drawers will generally look and fit best in a large bathroom. Units that comprise just a sink and a narrow surrounding ledge, on the other hand, may prove the best choice for a small powder room.


Next, you should decide on your preferred wall-mount vanity style. While overall, these vanities tend to be quite modern, they can still vary widely in appearance from model to model. The materials from which a wall-mount vanity is made have a significant influence on its appearance. Commonly used materials include wood, glass, granite, porcelain, and stainless steel, or a combination of these. A wooden unit can lend a touch of warmth to a bathroom, while stainless steel or glass models can impart a clean, sophisticated appearance.

In addition to materials, wall-mount vanity style is also influenced by unit structure. Units which feature multiple drawers can create an air of functionality, and are often a good choice for those who lack bathroom storage space. Conversely, minimalist sink-only units can convey a sense of avant-garde chic.

With model prices running the gamut from low-cost to luxury, there is a wall-mount vanity available to suit almost every budget. To make your vanity selection process less complicated, you may wish to set an ideal price range before you begin shopping. Once you have established a preferred size, style, and price range for your wall-mount vanity, you can hit the stores, considering only those units that fit your criteria.


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