How do I Choose the Best Walk-In Closet Organizers?

Sheri Cyprus

Walk-in closet organizers should create an easily accessible storage space. You should choose organizers that display your clothing and accessories within easy reach. To avoid a mismatched look in closet organizers, choose a consistent style and the same materials. You should also consider your budget when choosing walk-in closet organizers.

Walk-in-closet organizers should display items within easy reach.
Walk-in-closet organizers should display items within easy reach.

Shelving, racks, bins and drawers designed for walk-in closets range from inexpensive to expensive. The styles include modern, traditional and romantic. Popular materials for walk-in closet organizers include metal, wood, plastic and cardboard. In general, plastic and cardboard are the most economical choices, while metal may be more mid-priced. Wood walk-in organizer pieces for closets may be either lower or higher in cost, depending on whether the material is fine hardwood or thrifty particle board.

Shelves should be included in a walk-in closet.
Shelves should be included in a walk-in closet.

When choosing the materials for your closet organizers, it's a good idea to look at different options in your budget range before making your final decision. Preparing a closet plan after you've picked your favorite types of organizer pieces is a good way to be prepared to purchase the storage items of your choice. Whether you're shopping for walk-in closet organizers online or in person, make sure you have the correct measurements handy so you choose pieces in the sizes that will fit your exact storage space.

Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.
Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.

The more customized you can make your closet, the better it's likely to be in terms of having everything where you need it. For example, a person with a lot of sweaters may need walk-in closet drawers, while someone with a large shoe collection could likely make better use of the space with racks instead. Hooks can be a great addition to any type of walk-in closet organizers as they make good holders for a variety of accessories, from scarves and ties to belts and purses. For very large closets, the center floor area may be ideal for a bench to use when putting on shoes. For extra walk-in closet storage, the type of bench with a flip-up lid that reveals space inside can be a good choice.

If your walk-in closet has upper shelves, purchasing bins to fit side-by-side on each shelf near ceiling height is a great idea for storing out-of-season items. For example, in warmer weather these organizer boxes or bins might hold mittens and winter scarves, while in cooler seasons, casual summer wear could be stored there. These bins or boxes should fit in with the colors, materials and style of the rest of your walk-in closet organizers.

The more customized people make a closet, the more likely they will have everything where they need it.
The more customized people make a closet, the more likely they will have everything where they need it.

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I've always wanted one of those electronic close organization systems that rich people have in the movies. I wouldn't call myself rich at all, but I am lucky enough to live in an apartment with walk in closet space and it can be very difficult to keep it organized. I don't tend to use any of the clothes at the back, just because I forget that they are there, which isn't ideal. If I had one of those systems, it would be much easier to organize it.


@Iluviaporos - If you are looking for discount closet organizers and you don't want to make them yourself, I would also check out thrift shops and places that specialize in home lots. They often have all kinds of storage shelving and other things that are difficult to get rid of and they will usually sell them at a good price.

If you keep your eyes open you can sometimes get good shelves for free. A couple of times I've seen ads from people who just want to get rid of them and are giving them away.

The only thing to keep in mind is how big you need them to be. There's no use getting something secondhand if it doesn't fit, since you usually can't get a refund on it.


If you are feeling particularly handy or you really want your close organizers to fit in with the rest of the decor in the house, I would take a look online for guides on how to make your own organizers. In some cases they simply show you how to customize store bought sets, but you might also feel confident enough to make something from scratch.

I have always found the store bought organizers tend to be a bit flimsy, even the more expensive ones sometimes. So it might be worth making one yourself, particularly if you are storing a lot of things, or items that are particularly heavy.

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