How Do I Choose the Best Vocabulary Books?

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To choose the best vocabulary books, be sure they are age-appropriate for the person who will be studying them. For example, look for vocabulary books written specifically for elementary school, middle school, high school, or college students. You may also choose vocabulary books packaged with audio recordings that help you with pronunciation. Improving your vocabulary will help you with communication as well as speaking, reading, and writing, so choose books that cover all of these aspects.

Grade school children often learn best by participating in games and activities. If the vocabulary books you select are for a child, look for books that incorporate quizzes and lessons. Daily exercises will allow the child to increase his vocabulary and learn a new word every day. He'll also feel a sense of accomplishment by receiving gold stars or some other prize for his efforts.

Very young children may enjoy activity books such as coloring pages that teach vocabulary skills. Some books on vocabulary, especially those for children, may include flashcards. The cards will typically include the definition and a drawing of the word.

If you are interested in the best vocabulary books for mastering a second language, try narrowing your choices to the most popular words of the language. Alternately, you can look for vocabulary books that feature more obscure words that are not frequently used in daily conversation.


Vocabulary books should include definitions, not merely a listing of words in alphabetical order. Vocabulary words should be defined in all forms. For better comprehension, choose vocabulary books that also include examples of the word in a sentence. Look for as much detail as possible, such as books that list synonyms and antonyms for each word.

When choosing a vocabulary book, look for one that is well organized. Some books will list words by classification, which can be helpful when you want to learn words specifically relating to a particular topic. This may include definitions of words related to plants and animals, human anatomy, travel, or things that are used in school.

One of the most effective ways to select a good vocabulary book is by visiting your local library. Ask the librarian for assistance, or search through the archives of vocabulary books. To supplement your reading material, ask for compact discs (CDs) that offer vocabulary lessons.


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