How Do I Choose the Best Vitamin E Face Cream?

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Vitamin E is considered by some medical specialists to have antioxidant qualities, meaning that it fights free radicals that damage skin cells. To choose the best vitamin E face cream, you first should use some trustworthy resources for recommendations. Family members and acquaintances, for example, might already have experience using face cream and might be able to give you some useful information.

Many people use informational websites and magazine articles to find reviews of face creams. These resources can provide you with information about how effective the products are and any side effects. Only use objective resources that aren't sponsored by a particular company. Consumer magazines that reject advertisements, for example, can be great resources.

To research products, some consumers use online forums where shoppers log their own experiences and recommendations. An online user-generated forum can be a great tool, though you should beware of padded reviews, which are false positive reviews that companies post to advertise their products. Some companies even post blogs that are made to look as if they are written by regular consumers, but which actually are composed by hired writers.


Negative side effects and potential allergic reactions are factors you should consider when choosing vitamin E face cream. When using consumer resources, you might find that some people get hives or acne from leaving certain creams on too long. If you are unsure about which allergies you have, you may want to visit a medical professional to get tested. While most allergic reactions to face creams result in hives and other skin imperfections, some more serious effects may occur.

Price can be another important factor when it comes to getting the best cream. Some consumers believe that you get what you pay for, meaning that if you purchase the most expensive creams, you should experience the best results. When you read informational articles in consumer periodicals, however, you might find that this is not always true. Instead, many of the most effective kinds of vitamin E face cream often are priced halfway between the cheapest and the most expensive. Before assuming that the most expensive cream is of the highest quality, compare active ingredients of different brands.


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Post 3

Most vitamin E creams on the market either have too little of vitamin E in them or have the wrong kind of vitamin E to actually do any good.

The type of vitamin E cream that benefits skin is alpha tocopherol cream. This is the same type of vitamin E found in supplements.

While many products put "vitamin E" on the label, many don't specify which type or how much. I think it's better to use vitamin E creams with prescription from a doctor.

Post 2

@anamur-- I tried that once but it didn't work out. Vitamin E oil is kind of thick and difficult for skin to absorb. So it made my face cream sit on my face. I had to massage it in for a few minutes to get it to absorb.

It's much better to buy face cream with vitamin E already in it. I think that the vitamin E added to these creams are different than the vitamin E oil sold at stores. They absorb more easily and are more effective.

Also, If I'm buying a vitamin E face moisturizer, I make sure that it actually says "vitamin E" in the ingredients list. I avoid products that have alcohol or paraffin oil in them.

Post 1

Is it necessary to buy face cream with vitamin E already in it?

I've noticed that there is something called vitamin E oil at the beauty aisle of stores and pharmacies. Can I buy that and add it to the facial cream I already have? I think it might be cheaper that way.

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