How do I Choose the Best Vitamin B Supplement?

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You can choose the best vitamin B supplement by trying various options and noting which ones have the more noticeable effect on your body. While overdosing on most B vitamins is nearly impossible, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor or pharmacist before using a new supplement. This is especially true if you are currently taking other medications or supplements at the same time.

The symptoms of a B vitamin deficiency may include depression, fatigue, and in some severe cases, a compromised immune system and metabolism. Since these things can also be caused by more serious conditions, you should consult your doctor if you have experienced any of these things for more than two weeks at a time. This will allow you to rule out any other conditions, while being tested for a B vitamin deficiency.

Once you have established that you may be lacking sufficient B vitamins in your diet, you can then choose the best vitamin B supplement. Most B vitamins come in combination formulas called a B vitamin complex. These formulas generally contain riboflavin, niacin, B-6, and B-12. Most times, these vitamins are better absorbed together rather than taking them all separately, and they all work together to provide you the best results. If you are especially deficient in one particular B vitamin, however, taking an individualized supplement may be a good idea.


In many cases, choosing the best vitamin B supplement will require that you find the one that is easiest to take and the most cost effective. Although there are many pricey vitamins on the market, if you can’t afford to purchase them regularly, they will not be of much use. Choose a variety that is within your budget. You may also consider taking a vitamin in liquid form rather than pill form because they are better absorbed by the body and easier to swallow.

For very severe vitamin deficiencies, you may choose the best vitamin B supplement by asking your doctor to prescribe you with a prescription vitamin. This will allow him or her to better keep track of how much you are taking and how effective each dosage is at alleviating symptoms. Your doctor may also recommend a particular type or brand of over the counter vitamin, although you should discuss any price issues ahead of time. A prescription option may also be best for those who need their insurance to cover the cost.


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I had to go to the doctor because I was told that I had a vitamin B12 deficiency. I was told by the doctor to take an oral vitamin B12 supplement. I was surprised because I though I would have to be given the injections. However, I have been taking the supplements and I feel much better.

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Taking a vitamin B complex is good if you are extremely deficient in B vitamins. The complex contains vitamins B12, B6, B1, and B3. It has all the B vitamins and is a good approach to treating all the B vitamin deficiencies.

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