How Do I Choose the Best Vibrating Razor?

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The best vibrating razors cut through facial hair cleanly, and as close to the root as possible. Vibrating razors should have a comfortable grip and pivoting head, and be of a weight and size that is easy to use. Manufacturers have been putting an increasing number of blades on vibrating razor heads in order to produce a more effective shave. The blades should be made of good quality metal, so that they remain sharp for as long as possible. Razor heads should be easily obtainable and affordable.

A good vibrating razor has a strong vibration, with a high enough frequency to stimulate hair follicles. This causes facial hair to stand up on end, allowing for a better shave with hairs cut closer to the root. The vibration is also believed to create a sawing action, cutting through hairs more efficiently in a single stroke.

Choose a vibrating razor that feels like it has a good weight to it, as this can help to provide balance. The razor should have a comfortable grip on the handle to help prevent the razor from slipping during shaving.


Vibrating razors are being manufactured with increasing numbers of blades 7mdash; many as six on some models. It is believed that more blades contribute to a superior shave, helping the head to glide smoothly across the face. Ask in the store, and among friends and colleagues, which brand of vibrating razor they prefer. It should provide the closest shave possible, leaving the skin smooth and free of irritation.

A moisturizing strip on the head of a vibrating razor can help to prevent shaving rash and calm angry, irritated skin. Replacement heads are purchased separately, each with a strip of moisturizing gel which is activated when wet. This can be beneficial to skin by leaving it smoother and more moisturized.

The metal blades should be of sufficient quality to remain sharp for at least two complete shaves, and not be prone to rust. From new, they should be sharp enough to effectively cut facial hair without tugging or pulling. It is common to find a pivoting head which pivots and moves in response to the contours of the face. Choose a razor with this feature so that the razor head follows the line of your face more closely, resulting in a closer shave.

Expect a reasonable price when buying a vibrating razor. The razor itself is often bought at a discount price, but replacement heads can be expensive; so choose an affordable brand. Replacement heads should also be easily obtainable and not discontinued as soon as the next model is put on sale. The razor will normally be supplied with a battery or charging cord. Ensure that it does not consume battery power too quickly, or risk having to purchase replacement batteries frequently.


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