How do I Choose the Best Vertical Window Blinds?

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Vertical window blinds offer a nice alternative to the more traditional horizontal blinds on the market. As with most types of window treatments, there are several options when it comes to the size, color, and materials used in the creation of vertical blinds. Knowing your options will make it much easier to identify and purchase the right verticals for your windows and help enhance the overall interior design of your space.

With vertical window blinds, selection of the proper materials to suit your space accomplishes two things. First, it helps to ensure the verticals are substantial enough to work with the other design elements in the space. Depending on the look you want, thinner and lighter materials such as a resin-backed fabric may be the best fit. For other settings, the thicker verticals constructed of heavy duty plastic may be a better visual option as well as provide a higher level of privacy.

Second, selecting vertical widow blinds made with the right material can help add texture to the room as well. Sleek solids provide one type of texture, while a wood grain blind will provide something completely different. It is even possible to custom order vertical blinds that are covered in brocaded material as well as chenille and other interesting fabric options. The additional texture helps the blinds to become part of the room rather than simply provide function.


Size is another factor to consider with vertical window blinds. As with horizontal blinds, it is possible to purchase verticals that are very narrow or extra wide. For smaller windows or sets of windows, the more petite options are likely to be a good fit. However, for larger rooms with large windows, the more imposing look of wider blinds are more likely to be in scale with the rest of the space.

Color is also important when selecting vertical window blinds. While off white was once the only option, it is possible to purchase verticals in a wide range of colors and color combinations. Horizontal as well as vertical stripes are available, as well as jewel tones, pastels, and any other shade of color one can imagine. Many options are mass-produced and found at home stores and decorating boutiques. There are also several manufactures that can custom mix the coloring for the window blinds, making it possible to match the color of the window treatment with another accent in the room, such as a pillow or secondary color in a rug or upholstery pattern.

In order to find the best option for your vertical window blinds, it is a good idea to investigate as many options as possible. Rather than purchasing something at the first retail outlet you visit, spend some time looking at other retail stores for additional ideas. You can also get inspiration from online retailers as well. Once you have become familiar with all your options, there is a good chance you will select blinds that enhance the look of your space and provide satisfaction for many years to come.


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It all depends on the style of your room and how big it is. In my opinion, it seems vertical blinds make a room look larger, but horizontal just have the edge in light control.

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