How Do I Choose the Best Vegan Entree?

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There are hundreds of delicious vegan entrees that can be made to suit any occasion. If choosing a vegan entree to appease dinner guests, it may be important to find out about any food allergies or a digestive intolerance that could present a problem. When choosing a vegan entree for personal consumption, take advantage of the wide variety of vegan ingredients in order to make a satisfying, nutritious main course.

When entertaining, it may be prudent to offer a vegan entree for any vegetarian or vegan guests. While some people choose an animal product-free diet for ethical reasons, others may turn to veganism because of digestive problems or food allergies. Regardless of the reasoning, the conscientious host may want to consult with vegan guests to find out which ingredients to avoid in a vegan entree. Since there are many vegan recipes for every type of cuisine and level of formality, choosing the best recipe will be easier once ingredient restrictions are understood.


At home, the vegan entree can be a source of endless experimentation and variety. To create a nutritious main dish, consider choosing a recipe that includes vegetables, protein, and grains. While most vegetables and grain products are naturally vegan, choosing a protein source can take a little investigation. Common proteins for vegans include nuts, beans, lentils, and vegan alternative meat or cheese products. Read ingredients carefully when choosing meat and dairy alternatives, however, since not all vegetarian meat and cheese products are suitable for vegans.

A truly great vegan entree will take advantage of seasonally available produce. This can include kale or chard in winter, peas and asparagus in spring, tomatoes and corn in summer, and squash or root vegetables in fall. Choosing dishes with seasonal ingredients will enhance the flavor and nutrition of many dishes, since vegetables often taste better and provide more nutrients at the peak of their season. Making a vegan entree can also be an opportunity to take advantage of rare or exotic ingredients, such as chanterelle mushrooms, Okinawa sweet potatoes, or savory fruits such as persimmons. A great way to invent vegan entrees is simply by visiting a local farmer's market and looking for new and unusual ingredients.

It may also help to choose a vegan entree that fits the level of formality and occasion of an event. For a family dinner at home, consider a hearty peasant dish, such as vegan stew. For an elegant brunch or high tea, consider a strudel made with filo dough, fresh spinach, and non-dairy cheese. A vegan entree for a wedding or formal event can have all the class and dignity of a non-vegan main course, such as individually stuffed acorn squash with wild rice pilaf.


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Post 2

One thing some tend to forget about vegan entrees is that it can appeal to everyone. Just because some people eat meat doesn't mean they won't like vegetables. You should always take this factor into consideration when you're at a party. Also, another good suggestion would be to ask the guests (beforehand) if they would have a problem with said vegan entrees, and if they have any intolerances as well.

Post 1

The second paragraph brings up a point in which I never gave much thought about, the reason why people become vegans or vegetarians. Most of the time, when people hear about vegans, they assume the reason for their diet is because they're trying to become trendy and don't want to eat animals. However, this isn't always the case. As the article mentions, it may even be due to food allergies. I find this interesting in the sense that it's something you don't hear about often when people discuss vegetarianism and veganism. Maybe it's because some are too embarrassed to admit their allergy problems.

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