How do I Choose the Best VCR Remote?

Lauren Romano

VCR remotes today have improved dramatically from years ago. As they continuously develop new and improved remotes, there are more and more choices of which ones to buy. Choosing the right one before you make the purchase can save a lot of hassle in the long run. The best VCR remote is one that is useful, easy to use and works well with your VCR.

Some models of VCR remotes are universal and can also operate a TV.
Some models of VCR remotes are universal and can also operate a TV.

If you lost or broke your previous VCR remote and want the same one, you can call up the manufacturer of the VCR and ask if it can send you a replacement or tell you from which store you can purchase the same one. Another option is to go to an electronics store and ask if it is in stock. You can also search through an online auction site to check if someone is selling one for a cheaper price than the stores.

Should you want a remote for your VCR as well as your DVD player and cable, a basic universal remote may be your best option. You can have the three electronics on one remote instead of having three separate remotes. There is also an LCD universal remote, which operates with a touch screen as well as buttons, as opposed to a basic universal remote which operates without the screen.

If you or a loved one has visual problems, an extra large remote may be a good alternative to a regular VCR remote. The size is usually almost a foot in length and about five inches across. The numbers usually glow in the dark to help make seeing them easier in dim or dark lighting. The extra large remote with large buttons can help the user see the words, numbers and buttons easier than on a typical remote.

If possible, try to get a VCR remote that is the same brand as your VCR. Certain brands of remotes may not be compatible with certain brands of VCRs. Using the same brand will increase the chances they will work correctly with each other. When you have a good VCR remote, it can make the experience of using the device easier, instead of having to go to the VCR to use the controls. In addition, it can prevent having to use a remote that is complicated and difficult to use.

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