How do I Choose the Best Valerian Liquid?

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Valerian liquid is an extract made by soaking fresh, chopped up valerian root in alcohol. To choose the best valerian liquid, read the supplement facts on the label. Look for valerian extract that was made with organic valerian. The label should read "Certified Organic Valerian Root" under "Ingredients".

Valeriana officinalis is a plant native to Asia and Europe. The root of the plant has been used for medicinal purposes possibly since the days of Ancient Greece and Rome. Valerian root is available in different forms, including valerian liquid, valerian tea and valerian supplements.

The necessary ingredients in valerian extract are valerian, alcohol and distilled water. If other ingredients are mentioned, they most likely are fillers and are unnecessary. Consult with a health care provider or expert in alternative medicines before investing in valerian liquid that has excessive ingredients.

The label also should state how many milligrams (mg) of valerian is in each serving, which might be three drops. A common recommended dosage of valerian is 500 mg, but there are preparations available that offer doses as low as 50 mg and as high as 1020 mg of valerian per serving. Patients who feel that they need more or less than 500 mg should check with their health care practitioner or therapist regarding what dose might be most appropriate.


Valerian root has been credited with a wide variety of benefits, including claims that it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, carminative, anti-anxiety, sedative and even aids in digestion. The most common uses for valerian are as a mild sedative and sleep aid as well as to curb social anxiety disorder.

Valerian liquid commonly is taken to curb insomnia. Valerian was quite popular before the advent of sleeping pills, after which it lost popularity. Valerian is gentle and not as strong as pharmaceutical sleeping pills. When mixed with codeine or other sedatives, valerian is dangerous. Valerian should not be mixed with other drugs without the consent of a health care provider.

Valerian is used by some to combat anxiety disorders, but there is mostly anecdotal evidence to suggest that it is helpful to those who suffer from social anxiety. There is little scientific research to support these claims. Valerian root is known to interact dangerously with other drugs, including some that often are prescribed for anxiety. Valerian root should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women, and valerian must not be taken by those taking other drugs without first consulting with a health care provider.


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Post 3

There are quite a few brands of valerian liquid out there. Some are mixed with other herbs, some are just valerian. I personally prefer just valerian. It works great for insomnia. I usually go with a well known brand that gets sold a lot. If people are buying it, it means they're happy with it. Reading customer reviews is also a great way to find out which valerian liquid is the best.

I do recommend buying one in a bottle with a dropper though. The dropper makes it much easier to measure the dose. And the directions on the label say exactly how many drops to use. I bought a regular bottle once and I could never measure it right.

Post 2

@literally45-- Most valerian liquids have alcohol because they are extracts. There are only a few ways to extract the benefits of herbs. Leaving them in alcohol is one way. These types of extracts tend to be more effective than say valerian tea or capsules.

Having said that, I have seen alcohol free valerian drops at a store. I asked the pharmacist about it and she said that it works just as well. If you can't find it at stores near you, you might have to check online for it.

As for sugar-free, I don't know about that. Most people want sugar and flavoring in their valerian liquid because the herb doesn't smell or taste very good.

Post 1

Is there alcohol free valerian liquid on the market?

I checked a few stores but the ones I saw all had alcohol, and a ton of sugar too. I'm looking for something alcohol and sugar free. But I'm not even sure such a product exists.

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