How do I Choose the Best V-Slicer Mandoline?

A.E. Freeman

When choosing the best V-slicer mandoline, you need to keep several things in mind. First, consider the comfort and safety of the V-slicer. Next, consider how often you plan on using a V-slicer mandoline. There is no point in buying a top-of-the-line, expensive model if you will only use it once or twice a month. Also look at the functionality of the V-slicer. Some models allow you to make cuts of varying thicknesses, while others do not.

A good mandoline is dishwasher safe.
A good mandoline is dishwasher safe.

A V-slicer mandoline can have a body made of either plastic or stainless steel. The plastic models are generally inexpensive and usually cost less than $50, while the stainless steel versions can cost upward of $100. Generally, it should not matter whether you choose a V-slicer with a plastic or steel body, though the steel may be a bit more durable and will look sleeker and more sophisticated than a plastic model.

Some types of V-slicer mandoline allow you to both slice and chop fresh vegetables.
Some types of V-slicer mandoline allow you to both slice and chop fresh vegetables.

The blades of the V-slicer mandoline should be stainless steel or a durable ceramic. Any other material will not stay sharp for very long. While stainless steel blades start out sharp, they apparently do not last as long as the ceramic ones, which claim to be as hard as diamonds. A few models offer a serrated blade as a well as straight ones, though the straight blades are most likely all you will need.

Another important consideration when selecting a V-slicer mandoline is its size and the number of accessories it comes with. A few models are simply a paddle with a V-shaped blade and cut-out in the center. You must support these models, either over a cutting board or bowl. Other models have legs so that they can stand on their own.

Some have interchangeable plates that fit in the cut-out behind the blades, so you can dice vegetables as well as simply slice them. Most models that include the plates have a built-in storage compartment for them. How big the V-slicer mandoline is should depend on how much space in the kitchen you have to spare. Flat ones can often slide into a drawer or be hung from the wall, while the ones with feet may need to take up a large amount of space in a cabinet.

Safety is another important feature to consider when choosing a V-slicer mandoline. There is a pretty high risk that you will cut your fingers or hand on the blade as you quickly run the vegetables over it unless you have some sort of protection. Fortunately, a large number of mandolines come with a safety holder. The safety holder puts a piece of plastic or metal between your hands and the blades as you use the mandoline.

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