How Do I Choose the Best Used Yacht?

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Potential boat owners looking to save a bit of cash on the purchase of a vessel often choose a used yacht over a new one. The drawback to such a choice is that the buyer has less of an ability to have the boat customized, unless he or she wants to spend more money on refurbishing or renovating the vessel. Boat owners who do not desire such customizability may want to visit a used yacht dealer or even an auction house that will have many yacht models available for purchase. The buyer should have a budget in mind before beginning his or her pursuit of a new or used vessel.


A used yacht can vary in size, style, and function, so the potential boat owner will need to make a few key decisions about what kind of yacht he or she wants. The first major decision will be between a sailing yacht and a motorized one. Sailing boats are more traditional and, for some owners, much more fun, but training will be necessary in order to safely pilot such a vehicle. Many yacht owners choose to hire a boat captain to safely sail the vessel, which can add more cost to the overall maintenance and running of the used yacht. Motorized boats will cost more in terms of fuel, and a captain's license will still be necessary to operate this vehicle. These yachts tend to be a bit more stable than sail-powered ones, making for a pleasant and smooth trip.

If the used yacht will be a primary living quarters for the owner, it will be important for the buyer to inspect the living quarters carefully so he or she can determine if the boat will have enough living space for the amount of people who will live on board. Smaller yachts may only be designed for two or three people, while larger yachts can often accommodate eight or more passengers plus a crew. The size of the boat will usually be dictated by the purchaser's budget, though other factors such as the age of the vessel and the overall condition of the used yacht will also dictate how much purchase power the buyer will have.

Sometimes a used yacht will have some damage that will need to be repaired before the vessel is seaworthy. The buyer will need to factor in repair costs into the purchase budget, as some repairs may be both expensive and extensive. Other repairs may be quite minor, which means the vessel will be ready for the water quickly, but it is necessary to do a careful inspection to ensure all necessary repairs or potential repairs are accounted for before purchase.


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