How Do I Choose the Best Used Office Chairs?

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Choosing the best used office chairs is often difficult if you need to fill an office with a large set of matching chairs. Other problems might include unattractive wear on the chairs or even insect infestation. In general, choosing the best used office chairs is more about ensuring that there are not problems than about the positive features of the chairs. Different offices have different requirements for office chairs, but in general even used office chairs should be supportive, comfortable, and durable.

There are many different types of office chairs available in the world, and many of them are available used as well. Choosing office chairs that are used is environmentally friendly and can be a cost-saving measure as well. Generally speaking, the best office chairs of this type will not have been heavily used, as damage to the chairs makes them less desirable. When possible, used chairs should not have been subjected to pets or smoke, as these can cause people sitting in the chairs to endure unpleasant odors or even allergic reactions.


It is very important to check used office chairs for damage, but when choosing office chairs for people other than yourself, it is also important to make sure that the chairs are adjustable. Different people have different bodies and sitting styles, and an office chair that is not adjustable is bound to be uncomfortable for some people. When possible, both the height and the back of the chair should be adjustable. Ergonomic considerations should also be taken into account, just as they would be when purchasing a new chair.

One problem with used office chairs purchased for large offices is that they often do not match. If it is truly essential that all the office chairs match, you can often find a number of very similar chairs and cover them with slipcovers in order to present a unified design. The alternative is to select office chairs of a very common design in black or white, which are not subject to differences in shade between colors.

Which office chairs are the best is essentially subjective, although some may be preferable to others due to wear and tear. Looking both at truly used and refurbished chairs can provide a comparison in terms of quality and may make it clear that truly used chairs are unacceptable. When choosing used chairs, it is also often possible to select vintage office chairs that can become part of the office decor and provide a unique feel to the space. Vintage office chairs, however, are not always as comfortable as those made more recently that take current ergonomic studies into consideration.


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