How Do I Choose the Best Used Excavator Parts?

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To choose the best used excavator parts, it is important to consider the type of parts to be replaced, the physical condition of the used parts and whether the parts have been rebuilt or overhauled. Excavator parts vary widely, from the integral moving parts of the engine or hydraulic system to the mirrors and control knobs inside a cabin. For any used excavator parts, it is almost always important to match the original part model number with the replacement part. Additionally, it often is important to buy used excavator parts from a reputable dealer that can offer the best value.

Almost any part of an excavator can be replaced. In fact, because of the tough job that most excavators have, it is likely that some parts will eventually need to be replaced. The best used excavator parts will help maintain safe, efficient and hassle-free operation. Parts that must be replaced are often related to the internal mechanisms, such as gears, engines and tracks. The best used excavator parts will be fully functional in a way that is specific to the part.

Hydraulic pumps, for instance, can fail to hold pressure properly and weaken the hydraulic system overall. Excavator teeth can dull over time, making them unable to perform the basic function, so the best used excavator teeth should be sharp and strong. Choosing the best used excavator parts requires finding replacements that are of almost-new quality and that carry out their function without issue.


One way to determine quality is to examine the parts in person, if possible. The best used excavator parts will be free of any cracks, deformation or corrosion. Avoid rusty, dirty or obviously abused parts that might not offer the best value. Moving parts should be almost new to help assure a long life after purchasing. It is often easy to tell which parts have been lightly used or expertly rebuilt from parts that have been abused.

The best used excavator parts should also be reasonably priced. If a used excavator part is expected to last a year, it should be cheaper than an equivalent part that is expect to last five years. Sometimes it is possible to find used parts with some kind of warranty, which usually indicates that the dealer is confident that the used parts will last. Many times, the best used excavator parts will come from experienced, reputable dealers who carry name brands.


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