How Do I Choose the Best Used Engraving Machine?

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Choosing to purchase a used engraving machine for a new business operation or even for one that is well established is a great way to secure necessary equipment at a lower cost. When considering the purchase of this type of used equipment, it is important to consider the intended use of the machinery, compare the costs of various engraving equipment available from different sources and think in terms of the ability to secure replacement parts at reasonable rates. By spending some time comparing various options, it is possible to locate and buy the best possible used engraving machine for the business.

One of the first issues to address when buying a used engraving machine is to consider how the equipment will be used. This involves identifying the type of engraving that is offered by the company and the types of materials that will be involved with that engraving. In some cases, going with a laser engraver will be the best option, while other applications may call for an engraver that makes use of a chemical spray to achieve the desired look and texture. Once it is clear how the used engraving machine will be used, it is easier to focus the search on equipment that will meet those needs.


When comparing one used engraving machine to another, taking the time to consider the cost is also a good idea. Used machines are different from refurbished models, in that the cost is usually lower and there is normally not any type of limited warranty on those used machines. Take the time to compare not only the cost but also the general condition of the machines to determine how much use can be expected before replacement is likely to be necessary. If a machine that costs a little more is in better condition and likely to provide several more years of service over a cheaper used machine, then paying more now may mean saving money later on.

Another important point to consider when buying a used engraving machine is to consider the ease of obtaining replacement parts. If the make and model of the machine is discontinued, obtaining some parts may be difficult to accomplish, outside of having the components custom made. Focus attention on machines that can make use of standardized replacement parts. This will not only mean the parts are likely to be more affordable, but also they can be obtained quickly and reduce the potential for downtime in the production process.


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