How Do I Choose the Best Used Commercial Cooking Equipment?

Eugene P.

Buying used commercial cooking equipment might seem like a gamble, but there are some ways to help mitigate the risk and come away with equipment and appliances that will function perfectly for years to come. By performing some basic research, inspecting the appliances before they are purchased, and talking to the seller, many risks involved in purchasing used commercial cooking equipment can be removed. Choosing a reliable source from which to purchase also can be an important aspect in finding the best used kitchen gear.

Stainless steel pots and pans.
Stainless steel pots and pans.

The first thing to look for is the source of the used commercial cooking equipment. Auctions that are occurring because a restaurant is closing are a good place to look, because the equipment could still be relatively new and in good shape. The same holds true for sales that are happening because a restaurant is moving to a new location.

Choose used equipment from a restaurant that meets cleanliness standards.
Choose used equipment from a restaurant that meets cleanliness standards.

When looking for used commercial cooking equipment, a little research can go a long way. One should research the type and brands of equipment that need to be purchased. There often will be specific models or brands that have garnered a reputation for being difficult to maintain. Avoiding purchasing these types of appliances is recommended because, even if they are in good shape, they still might malfunction.

A thorough examination of the used commercial cooking equipment before making a decision about buying also can be beneficial. The outside of a range might look pristine, but the interior could be a disaster. Checking any connections on the equipment to make sure that all pipes, wiring and tubing is present is recommended. Turning any dials and moving all the parts to make sure they work and are not defective or sticking also is important. This is especially true for doors and other hinged parts.

When looking at electrical used commercial cooking equipment, one should ask the seller to plug in the device to make sure it works properly. If there is a display or lights, they also should be checked to be sure they work. While it might be possible to use the machine without the indicator lights or a partially burned out display, it is not always the best or easiest thing to do.

There are many rules and regulations dealing with the cleanliness of a restaurant kitchen. For this reason, items such as sinks, islands and cutting stations are more than likely in good condition. Rust marks and discolorations could cause problems with kitchen regulations, however, and should be closely examined.

If the used commercial cooking equipment cannot be seen in person, particularly if it is online, then the potential buyer should be sure to ask very detailed questions of the seller. Most especially, he or she should ensure that photographs of the equipment are actually pictures of what is being sold and not just stock photography. A seller that does not respond to questions or does respond but doesn't provide satisfactory answers probably is not worth dealing with.

Finally, when looking at used commercial cooking equipment, one should remember the equipment has been used. It probably will not be perfect and a good value could pass by if one's standards are too high. Sales that involve good, name-brand equipment can be a place to start. This type of equipment is usually of high quality and designed to operate for a long time.

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